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John Harbo and Malcolm Butler compete before the Ravens Titans match

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There was no shortage of drama in Baltimore before the Ravens-Titans match.

The Titans appeared to have offended the Ravens before confronting the AFC by breaking out to the midfield crest in front of the home team, resulting in An altercation between the two teams According to multiple reports, Ravens coach John Harpo and Titans corner Malcolm Butler faced a heated confrontation. Harbaugh and Titans’ coach Mike Frappel also exchanged words and the officials fired them.

CBS cameras caught Butler and Harpo yelling at each other.

“Uh-oh. Drama of the midfield slogan here at M & T Bank’s stadium”, NFL’s Mike Jaravolo wrote on Twitter. “#Titans came and went straight to the midfield on the tagline. John Harbo came out and took on the attack. Then Mike Frappell and ran away had an enthusiastic conversation. Get rid of the records !!!”

“The Ravens players were not on the field yet when they met the Titans in their midfield motto,” Athletic player Jeff Zribek wrote on Twitter. “Ravens’ coaches were outside and Harbaugh started walking towards Butler while the two were exchanging words. They were separated at the end but then Frappel came out. The judges were between Frappell and Harbou.”

Crows face Titans John Harbo
The Titans’ coach Mike Frabel (left) and Ravens coach John Harbo (second from right) were dismissed before today’s match.Getty Images

Butler is seen screaming in Baltimore as he walks the Harpo “from nose to nose”.

This is the second time the Titans have done so at Ravens Stadium, Zribek added, to Harpo’s dismay.

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“Remember, in the playoff game in January, the Giants also met on the Ravens logo at M&T Bank Stadium,” he wrote. “Few of Titans fans have said that this is what they always do, regardless of the stadium. Either way, Harbou seemed to feel offended.”

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