Jonathan Drouin says he struggles with anxiety

In the course of his interviews with the French-speaking broadcasters of Habs Games, RDS and TVA Sports, which will air early Monday evening, he revealed that he has been suffering from anxiety for several years.

I have this for years. At first you don’t know what it is. At first I had no idea how to deal with it or how to deal with it. It was hard for people to approach meHe explains in an excerpt from an interview provided to TVA Sports.

For my part, to go and ask for help, I had a hard time accepting that. I was used to having these things in my body and in my head. I think it’s time for me to step back from hockey, added the person who scored two goals and made 21 assists in 44 games before stepping down.

If the 26-year-old, until April morning in the team’s training complex in Broussard, was always able to cope with the situation, then this time it was a lot.

This week has been difficult for me. I got sick. I had no energy to play hockey. I remember when I got out of the warm-up that day…no energy to play hockey, no physical and mental strength either.

Quote from:Jonathan Drouin, Montreal Canadiens striker

In an excerpt from an interview provided by RDS, Drouin also admitted that he was so worried about his condition that he could go three nights without sleep, although he then had to play two games in two nights.

surrounded by good people

He also wanted to emphasize the unwavering support of his teammates, head coach Dominique Ducharme and managing the team throughout his time off the ice.

I grew up with this team. I’ve known a lot of players for several years. It’s hard to put all that aside. We often texted each other, we called each other a lot. Whether it is Dominic, whether it is the players. We kept in touch and it helped me know that I was part of the team in a way, not physically, but still there mentally.

Quote from:Jonathan Drouin

The players have been great in all of this. Give them a big tip of the hat. It’s easier for them to understand. They played with me. They have seen days when it was more difficult than others. It was really good to get all the support from the team and the Montreal CanadiensAdded to TVA Sports Cam.

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Remember, Jonathan Drouin missed the last 12 games of the shortened season, as well as the entire confinement run through to the Stanley Cup Final.

Number 92 has been training for a while in preparation for the official opening of the training camp.

Drouin is about to begin season five in Montreal. He has 40 goals and 97 assists in 229 games with Bleu-blanc-rouge.

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