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Jordan Harris thinks young CH defenders can simulate an avalanche

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When we look at the players and hopes within the Canadian organization currently, we notice very quickly that there is a center where there is Much Promising players: Defense.

Alexander Romanov, Kayden Johley, Justin Barron, Jordan Harris, Jayden Strobel, Matthias Norländer, Arber Xhekaj: All of these guys are 22 or younger and have the potential to be regular players in the NHL.

Sure, he might be missing out on a high potential in defense, but there are plenty of players who have the potential to become powerful defenders in the game. top 4. And the vast majority of these defenders have traits in common, whether it’s mobility, physical play or intelligence on the ice.

These qualities, Jordan Harris saw in Avalanche Defenders, and according to him, young CH can aspire to follow in their footsteps. This is what he told Richard Labe in an interview.

No, in Montreal, there’s no Cal Makar, but when you look at the other young defensive men in Denver you can understand the point Harris makes. Whether it’s Bowen Byram or Samuel Gerrard or even less young Devon Toes, all of these guys are great skaters who are able to let the play come to them and are able to put in a good first pass.

The Montreal hopefuls may have less offensive quality than those who were in Avalanche, but in terms of advantages, it is true that many of them have these qualities as well. And we must not forget that the Romanovs, Gohli and Chikaj of the group are not afraid of the elbow, an aspect that is found less often in the defenders of avalanche.

Admittedly, it will take some sandpaper around these guys, and veterans like Joel Edmondson, David Savard, Jeff Petrie (if he stays in Montreal) and even Chris Weidman can finish it. Losing Luke Richardson would surely hurt, but the veterans (and Richardson’s replacement) could try to make up for his passing to a lesser degree.

It is clear that it is hoped that Jordan Harris’ impression will finally emerge within a few years and that the group of young defenders will be an integral part of the team’s success in the medium and long term. After all, five years ago, the last meltdown in the NHL ended and he won the Stanley Cup this year. Will CH be able to do the same in 2026-27, leading Romanov, Joel, Barron and Harris on the Blue Line?

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