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Jordan: Prince Hamzah says he will not obey “orders” (recording)

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Oman | Jordan’s Prince Hamzah, accused of plotting against his half-brother King Abdullah II, said he would not obey orders, in an audio recording posted Sunday night to Monday on Twitter.

“Of course, I will not obey (the orders of Chief of Staff Major General Yusef Al-Hunaiti) when he tells me that I am not allowed to go out, tweet and communicate with people and that I am only allowed to see my family,” he says in this recording where he addresses an interlocutor over the phone.

On Sunday, Deputy Prime Minister Ayman Safadi said that the Chief of Staff went to Prince Hamzah’s house to ask him to stop “all movements and activities targeting the security and stability of Jordan,” but the meeting worsened. .

“I recorded the entire conversation and distributed it (…) Now I am waiting to see what happens and what they will do.” The Prince said in his latest recording.

On Saturday, Prince Hamzah announced that he had been placed “under house arrest” in his palace in Amman. In a video that his lawyer took to the BBC, he claimed that the army chief of staff told him that he was “not allowed to leave” his home. He denied involvement in a conspiracy and accused the Jordanian authorities of “corruption” and “incompetence.”

According to Mr. Safadi, two Jordanian figures, Bassem Awadallah and Sherif Hassan Bin Zaid, were arrested, in addition to 14 to 16 people as part of this attempt to “destabilize” the kingdom.

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