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Joyce Ishakwan Survey: A space for recommendations

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On Monday, the head of the Public Inquiry Committee, Jihan Kamel, will hear special recommendations from Ino surgeon Stanley Volant, assistant professor at McGill University School of Medicine Samir Shaheen Hussein, as well as the president of the First Nations Association. From Quebec-Labrador, Ghislaine Pickard.

On Friday, the president of Quebec Indigenous Women and a professor of nursing came to demand major changes to save indigenous women’s lives.

The literature clearly indicates that no province or territory is excluded: Indigenous people often experience individual and systemic racism when interacting with the health care system.University of British Columbia nursing professor Annette Brown said.

The main challenge, Annette Brown testified, is that the existence of this problem is not recognized. According to her, it is time to look in the mirror and formulate strategies and policies, but in a constructive and non-accusatory manner.

Many recommendations were made, notably on cultural security, but also on alert and complaint mechanisms, as was also suggested by the President of Quebec Indigenous Women (FAQ).

According to the head of FAQ Viviane Michel, Racism and discrimination kill. She thinks those are Racial prejudices and misogyny against Mrs. Itchakan [qui] It affected the poor quality of care and the staff’s response to their physical distress and needs.

In particular, it advised that all health-care institutions organize training to raise awareness of the issues facing indigenous women, and that training would be conducted in cooperation with indigenous communities. She added that these exercises should be followed up.

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Juliet Hospital already offered its staff cultural safety training in 2019, but barely 3% of those invited participated, most of them nurses.

Vivien Michel, after her testimony, indicated this The legacy that Joyce Echakouen has left is denunciations and complaints, as more and more people are reacting.

The recommendations phase continues until Wednesday. Great peaceful march entitled Joyce’s Justice: Winds of Change That day in Troyes-Riviere.

A march of solidarity was organized with Joyce Echkoyne on Saturday in Saguenay.

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