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JSK: Keelangalanga Djeloudi qualified

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Yesterday, the club’s management announced on its website that the new recruiter, the Congolese international Killangalanga Pim Glodi, has officially qualified with the yellow and green jersey.

His CIT was received well before the extraordinary transfer window ended, which means he qualified for both championship and league matches without forgetting the CAF Cup. He is still in Tunisia and is expected to be in Tizi Ouzou before the end of the week, but everything indicates that he will not be affected by the next championship match against NAHD scheduled for February 6th. Coach Denis Lavani asked his countryman Bertrand Marchand who is none other than the youngster’s coach, but even if the latter recommends him by letting him know that he can do more for JSK, the fans are really skeptical about that. Traits of this striker who scored only 4 goals in a whole year.

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His manager defends him

Habito: “Bertrand Marchand made him play on both sides, not on points”

The recruitment of Congolese international player Kilangalanga Bim Geludi does not really excite Kabylie supporters. Although there was no real great striker in their squad, they were still skeptical about the rookie’s ability to punch in the offensive line since he scored only 4 goals in one year. In the face of the administration’s decision to prevent the Congolese international from answering journalists’ questions, we contacted his manager, Habbito, to question him about the fact that this striker, whose leaders continue to praise his merits, scored only 4 goals with the Tunisian national team. From CS Chebba since January 2020. “Kilangalanga Glody is a true goal-hunter, but when he got to Chebba, coach Bertrand Marchand changed his job by making her play on both sides and not at some point. That is why he scored only 4 goals,” our interlocutor explained .

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“He was a scorer Manema Federation before joining the Tunisian championship ”

Checking his student’s qualities, Habbito recalls that before Kilangalanga Gludi joined the Tunisian championship, he was one of the top scorers in the Congolese championship. “Kilangalanga Glody is a true goal-hunter. He knows how to score goals and will do anything to achieve the most expected of him. He was Maniema Union’s top scorer before joining the Tunisian League in January 2020”, continued agent Kilangalanga Glody.

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