Julie Lemieux will defend the liberal colors of Beauport-Limoilou

The news, first reported by La Presse, was confirmed by Radio Canada. She will try to eject Bloc Québécois Julie Vignola, the winner, in 2019, with 30.4% of the vote.

Julie Lemieux replaces Antoine Bougould, the liberal candidate who has been defeated twice in this district.

The latter has expressed his intention to wear the colors of the Legislative Council to hold a third election.

However, his party favored the nomination of Julie Lemieux. No introductory assembly will be held to leave it up to the members to select the candidate of their choice.

A star candidate in Quebec

Julie Lemieux is an option for Justin Trudeau’s troops.

Well known in Quebec, she represented the people of Beauport during her tenure in municipal politics, from 2009 to 2017.

Julie Lemieux has been the chair and general management of Operation Enfant-Soleil since 2019.

Under his leadership, the organization raised a record $20.5 million at the 34th Telethon Conference, last May.

Previously, she held the position of Secretary General of the Museum of Civilization.

After 17 years of journalism, 12 of them were devoted to Soleil, she made the leap into politics in 2009 with Regis Labomme who, according to her, managed to break the gloom of the capital.

She served as Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee from 2013 to 2017, before turning the page on 8 years of political life. Julie Lemieux said to herself afterwards A little worn out, less impatient.

The torch began to flashShe told Radio Canada at the time – without ruling out a return to the political arena.

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On the Federal stage, Julie Lemieux will now attempt to reconnect with the offices of power, at the dawn of her fifties.

Ride that changes color

The Beauport-Limoilou electoral division has changed sides four times in several elections since 2008.

New Democrat Raymond Cote succeeded coordinator Sylvie Boucher in 2011, but was defeated, after a while, by coordinator Aloba Clark.

The latter entered the dust in the last election, in front of the bloc’s candidate, Julie Vignola. The Chinese Communist Party and the Palestinian Legislative Council won 26.3% and 25.9%, respectively.

With information from Oliver Lemieux

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