Julie Snyder’s counterattack role

After Pénélope McQuade, it’s Julie Snyder’s turn to defend herself in Gilbert Rosen’s $450,000 defamation lawsuit, accusing him of wanting to publicly humiliate and silence her.

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Like host Penelope McQuade a few days ago, Ms. Snyder filed a written defense against Rozon in court this week. She categorically refutes the claim of the fallen humor magnate, and wants to be slandered during a radio 4th of July week in 2019.

In an unrecorded interview with Ms. McQuaid, she then claimed that Rosen had sexually assaulted her in a Paris apartment in the 1990s.

While she was sleeping in her pajamas, Rosen had entered her bed naked with the intent of raping her. She would have escaped on foot, to the Champs-Elysées, after which she would turn to friends.

Shut up

Ms. Snyder’s lawyers have claimed the comments on the show were “legitimate, honest, accurate and in the public interest”, and note that the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct since 2017 have already damaged Roseon’s reputation.

They also criticize the Just for Laughs founder for wanting to humiliate Ms. Snyder, by requiring the hosts to make a public statement that “Gilbert Rosen did not sexually assault us or inappropriately conduct or conduct”.

“He is not only trying to silence them, but also trying to usurp their freedom of expression with the aim of forcing them to publicly reveal their testimony,” denounced the lawyers, recalling that Ms Snyder had previously expressed herself publicly in this case, without threatening legal action.

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