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Justin Barron was influenced by Crosby’s comments

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In Game One of the Junior Championships in Buffalo, Canadian defender Justin Barron had a grade C on his jersey. It’s a great sign of respect for the organization, which, let’s not forget, insisted he be part of the deal with the avalanche of Artturi Lehkonen’s services. Two years ago, he was also named junior team captain with the Mooseheads and his leadership qualities have always been recognized, still only twenty years old. But should we be surprised?

It must be said that Barron has a unique opportunity, which is to rub shoulders and skate in the summer with two of the best players in the NHL in Sidney Crosby and Nathan McKinnon. Two players who are an inspiration to Justin Barron, even if they are playing in a different position than his. You should see the speed they set in practice. They don’t take any light exercise and they don’t miss exercise. They are true professionals and it is contagious.”

Those are great words from Barron who says he is lucky to beat those guys he worshiped when he was younger, who grew up in Halifax and are on the other side of the water, he said. , in Cole. port.

hear the words

After the trade sent Artturi Lehkonen to Denver, he learned that Sidney Crosby had told a few of his colleagues that he was too fond of Justin Barron and he would never have done such a trade. Today, it’s easy to say that Laconan helped Avalanche win the Stanley Cup so much, but the Canadians now have a young defensive man who shows great promise on his roster.

Barron heard of Sidney Crosby’s words to his heart’s content. “I have some friends who have sent me Sydney’s words. He’s really cool. It’s so special to hear this kind of thing about you, coming from a guy like him too. I’m learning so much from him. He’s simply a great player and person. I can even tell you that he’s constantly helping me out.” improvement.”


  • Emil Heinemann will have to find a position with the Canadians if he wants to stay in America, otherwise he will have to return to Sweden. Although he was drafted two years ago, he only signed the NHL Junior contract after trading with the Canadians. In fact, since he’s not a first-round pick, he won’t be able to play in Laval (AHL) this year if he isn’t able to play in the NHL. According to agreements with international associations, a European player must return to the squad that retains his rights if he does not play in the NHL. This rule only exists in the first year of a player’s entry contract.
  • An exception to this rule is Juraj Slavkowski and Philip Mesar as they were drafted in the first round.
  • The players who did not play Friday’s game, Juraj Slavkovsky, Jan Misak, Justin Baron and Arbier Schickage play Sunday’s game. The players most likely to be invited to training camp next week will play two of the three rookie championship matches. At least that’s the plan. Kaiden Goal will play Sunday’s game, his first in the tournament, and he will also be invited to a training camp.
  • Owen Beck had an excellent interview again. He has quite a few flaws in his game, he wins the vast majority of his encounters, and continues to earn points.
  • Buffalo has been preparing for Monday Night NFL game for several days now when the Giants are the visitors. The kids won’t go to school until Monday morning and will have to go home after that to let parents head to Bells Playground and enjoy the back gates.
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