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Justin Bieber mocks Canadian fans during his show at the Bell Center

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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As we know, CH is at the bottom of the NHL standings this season. For Justin Bieber, who was visiting Montreal last Tuesday, this was the perfect opportunity to remind us, as well as pay tribute to the exploits of the Maple Leafs and his good friend Auston Matthews.

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It is known: there bromance Between Justin Bieber and Auston Matthews of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Bieber also helped create the new Toronto jersey.

Last Tuesday, the pop star used his visit to the Bell Center to taunt Canadian supporters and even set the stage a story On Instagram, mentioning his favorite team.

“The Leafs are fine, aren’t they? Auston Matthews is very successful here in Montreal. What’s your team’s position in the playoffs standings? It’s okay, you’ll have your chance next year,” he told the fans in Montreal.

Of course, people there were quick to boo him and sing together for “Go Habs Go!” In response to his comments.

We’re able to recognize that CH is tough this year, hard to swallow when a global superstar comes along to mock us in our own yard. read room, as the saying goes.

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