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Justin Trudeau practically meets the elders of Magog

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I am delighted to be with you almost in Magog for this opportunity to be able to share a little bitJustin Trudeau shouted. I am interested to know how things have turned out during the pandemic and what are your concerns. We have heard from people across the country who have faced tough times during the pandemic.

We know this epidemic has affected the elderly more than anyone else. And we will continue to be there.

Quote from:Justin Trudeau

Seniors from Résidence Memphrémagog participated in a conversation about coffee with Justin Trudeau on May 3, 2021.

Photo: Radio Canada / Mary Helen Russo

Resident Rachel Sovey says she found this coffee talk very interesting. We saw Mr. Trudeau from different angles. He talked to us about politics, but also about his childrenShe explained. Ms. Sovey says she found the Prime Minister of Canada extremely human and questionable. We see Mr. Trudeau on TV. But seeing it like this, on the internet, to answer us, it’s beautifulas you say.

Another resident asked Justin Trudeau how he plans to ensure that seniors who live in housing can enjoy a better quality of life. The biggest tragedy of this epidemic was to see many elderly people across the country not only in isolation, but also suffering. [autant] Of losses. At the same time, he highlighted the lack of potential investment [exister] For several years in housing all over the countrySubmit as an answer.

I think all Canadians are telling themselves that we need to take care of our seniors. Those who built our country and our society.

Quote from:Justin Trudeau

Juliette Roy asked Justin Trudeau why cell phones and internet prices are soaring in Canada. The Prime Minister realized how important internet connectivity was during this pandemic period. It is no longer a luxury, but an essential service such as electricity and running water. As a country, we have a lot of investments. One of the challenges facing Canada is that we have large areas and a small population in rural areas. So connecting everyone is too expensive for phone and internet companies, Explains the prime minister.

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The latter also confirms that partnerships are formed. We make investments to connect everyone to ensure it costs no more in the rural environment than in the city center. It is a matter of justice, Is a promise. Last month, Justin Trudeau and François Legault announced investments worth $ 826 million to connect 150,000 households in Quebec to high-speed internet by September 2022.

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