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Louis Morissette responds to La Maison-Bleue’s criticism of Jean-Francois Lysé

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While the second season was a satirical comedy Blue house Coming soon online atExtra from ICI Tou.tvAnd the With six new additional charactersSome were discovering for the first time in Season 1 (It received very good feedback from the audience and critics) Is on traditional TV this winter.

Earlier this week, the former politician Jean-Francois Lisei On top of that he talked with Hugo Dumas about Journalism In order to express his criticism of the series he describes as medium content. ” The main problem with Blue house, It’s the average scenario. Everything is tacky, agreed, and easy. […] A useless chain that presents independent Quebec as a banana republic ruled by incompetent people and where the majority of Quebecers want to return to Canada. “This is what Jean-Francois Lisei told the cultural journalist.

Called by Hugo Dumas, Louis MorissetteWho produces Blue house about KOTV, Mentioned: “La Maison-BleueIt’s a big comedy where not everyone is. We are photographing a parallel world. It’s such a big plot that if you can’t laugh at it, if you can’t figure out the humor in it, then I won’t be able to begin explaining everything. We shoot everyone equally and the show talks much more about our society than politics. »

Jean-Francois Lisei then took to Twitter to voice his opinion on comedic Jay Nadon As President of Quebec. ” It’s as if Jean Chretien wrote the script: An independent, mid-level Quebec, with incompetent leadership, is on its knees against the United States and wants to return to Canada. If it’s funny at least! I am a good audience, however Symphurian He had more dexterity and humor. It’s a shame, because Louis Morissette can do a lot better (A mirageAnd the Plan B., Excellent!). He says the show is about “the company”. Thanks to him, at prime time, Radio Canada learned that we are a society incapable of self-management. “, Release.

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A few hours later, Louis Morissette wanted to calm things down: ” Less emotional tweet: Blue house spelling. Parallel world. I am well aware that the nature of the project leads to differences of opinion and criticism. But to call our work Medium and Sub Symphurian Dishonest and frivolous. Self irony, please. »

Jean-Francois Lisse finally supported his point with five additional tweets on Thursday.

To watch the second season of Blue houseSee you next March 25 on ICI Extra!

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