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Kisaku: Swallowing adenium, a new symptom linked to omicron infection

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(ETX Daily Up) – Odynophagia is a new symptom of Covid-19 infection. According to a Swedish study, these pains in the throat mainly affect young and sick patients.

Swedish researchers believe they have discovered new symptoms due to contamination with Covid-19. According to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the Omicron variant may cause aphagia, a disorder characterized by pain when swallowing. According to the researchers, mainly young and vaccinated patients are.

To conduct their research, Dr. Pr Krzysztof Piersiala and his team analyzed the profile of patients admitted to the ENT departments. It is a branch of medicine that specializes in disorders of the nose, throat, and ears. The observation period ran from January 1 to 23, 2022. In all, the specialists held 20 patients, 15 of whom were “fully vaccinated”.

Odynophagia, quesaco?

The word is made up of the Greek terms “odunê” for pain and “phagein” which means to eat. It refers to pain when the ingested food or liquid causes pain as it passes through the esophagus. This is not a disorder specific to the Omicron variant, many have been able to experience it during a viral infection.

According to the researchers, the Omicron variant is characterized by a lower number of patients with loss of taste or smell. “The Omicron variant appears to primarily affect the upper respiratory tract and cause acute laryngitis without impaired sense of smell,” the specialists identified in their conclusion.

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