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Land does not exist. Some are utopias, others are questionable work

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The Seven Kingdoms of Man

The motive for the so-called triskelion is very common among the ancient island kingdoms.

PM is connected. The inhabitant of the ancient kingdom of man communicates first with the kingdom of heaven.

When you climb to the highest peak, Snaefell, 621 meters high, you can see seven great kingdoms: Scottish, English, Irish, Welsh, Neptune and Celestial. e vm one to race under schz? Seven must be, stand on two feet. man.

The island, whose strategic location in Ireland made it ideal for trade and commerce, has a long history. After the Celtic Vikings settled here, a powerful mountain clan ruled here, the crowns of Scotland and England fought for this land for a long time and for their union. Formally, today Man is a self-declared territory of the British Crown, but it has a rather broad autonomy, since it is not part of the United Kingdom. In Charles III. It is actually just international representation and defense of the island. Everything else on their own as they are used to 1044 In recent years in Tynwald, i.e. in one of the oldest and still the longest continuously functioning parliament in the world, which functions only in April.

You have your own language (Mantine), your own currency (Manx pounds) and your own taxes. Even the laws themselves, things are not so good with them. Women were able to vote for the first time in the world in 1881, and anyone over the age of 16 can vote here. There is also a mole tail here, and there is no speed limit on these roads. In addition to prostitutes, there are also multinational banks, because the laws here are very liberal. Although the original Kingdom of Man has not existed for many centuries and the island is not officially represented in the United Nations, things are still going well here.

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