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Why a Console Is Better

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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When thinking of a gamer, the images that come to mind is someone sat at their desktop, both hands gripped on mouse and keyboard, RGB lights flashing over their tensed face. While playing video games on a PC is not the only way to partake in the activity, it certainly seems to be the most popular for those deeply interested in the hobby and who want to get the best from their video games. Certain advantages come with playing on a PC, that much is clear. However, some positives arise when using a video game console to play on, of which, there are many more when compared to gaming on a PC.

As the video game industry is seeing incredible growth, people need to know why a console is better than a standard gaming PC, as they will likely want to spend their hard money on the right product. Therein, the first advantage that video game consoles have is revealed. There is no doubt that consoles will always be more affordable than gaming PCs as that is their USP. They have become known to be a cheaper alternative to PC gaming that does not compromise too much on performance, which is why consoles seem to be so popular with families. With every generation, the gap between the two platforms seems to get smaller, and while the price of the console stays the same, the cost of building an equivalent PC seems to get higher. Those on a budget will appreciate the existence of the console option, and will no doubt opt to purchase one.

There is no doubt that humans are creatures of convenience as we appreciate everything being made easy for us. This ideology is present in many consumer products, and the same is true when it comes to video game consoles. The nature of a gaming PC means that players must be sat at the desk upright, close to the monitor and both of their hands on the controls. While admittedly this does give a greater amount of control in games when it comes to a controller, having this stature for extended periods can become uncomfortable. In comparison, gamers who use consoles can relax far away from their screens on the sofa or the bed as the controller is an ingenious solution to comfortable, remote gaming.

As already aforementioned, consoles offer users a certain level of convenience that is not attainable on the PC platform. Companies who create these devices understand that not everyone is into the tech side of things, and so build their consoles in such a way that all the player must do is insert their disc and they are ready to play. On the other hand, when building a PC, the builder is responsible for everything, and anything that goes wrong will have to be fixed by them unless they want to fork out money in a trip to a computer repair specialist. This convenience offered to console players is something that would have been appreciated during the recent lockdowns as many businesses were closed such as casinos, find some new slot games here, and computer repair shops.

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Those who want to game in the most advantageous way possible would do well to buy a gaming PC, but those who want a cheaper, relaxed, more comfortable option should opt for a video game console.

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