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Latwi. A whole night, your head is in the stars

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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On the occasion of the Night of the Stars, the new Association of Latoi, La Kunapa (The Nature and Heritage of Latoi Cultures), organized, in its first event, a procession under the stars with departure and arrival at Sainte-Radegonde Church, Friday August 12 pm. Led by Jean-Luc, the storyteller, who was to tell Joan de Lors during the hike, and in the presence of Tore Gronningsaeter, Norwegian astronomer, president of the Comminges Astronomy Club and adopter of Latois, this hike pleased hundreds of participants, including many children. The choice of this cultural event comes from the fact that the annual spectacle of shooting stars or Perseids (a swarm of meteors formed from the debris of Comet Swift-Tuttle near the sun, visible in Earth’s atmosphere) peaked this year. The night of August 12-13 though the full moon, which illuminates the night sky, has affected the visibility of the dim shooting stars. But, shielded from parasitic lights, all participants in this night hike, led by Francis and whom Philip and Jack had stopped in the queue, were able to enjoy an unforgettable, documented spectacle.

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