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Hockey: Five Questions with Team Canada Gold Top Scorer, Mary Phillip Boleyn

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The captain of the Canadian women’s hockey team, Marie-Philippe Boleyn, is the only player in the world, both men’s and women’s, to have scored a goal in four consecutive Olympic finals.

The 31-year-old Beauceron cemented her reputation as a gold medalist by scoring two goals, including the eventual winner, in the Beijing Olympics final last February, when Canada defeated the United States 3-2.

Pauline will lead the Canadian delegation at the World Championships, which begins Thursday in Herning and Frederikshavn, Denmark. Canada will start its championship against Finland in Herning.

Quebecers scored seven goals in four Olympic finals, including the equalizer at the end of the third game and the overtime winning goal in the 2014 final in Sochi, another 3-2 victory over the Americans. In 2010, in Vancouver, she scored both goals in a 2-0 win over the United States.

She also scored at regulation time in Canada’s penalty shootout loss to the Americans in PyeongChang 2018.

His exploits are not limited to the Olympics. Her goal in overtime in the final against the United States at last year’s World Cup in Calgary gave the Canadians their first success in nearly 10 years.

Pauline is the top scorer among active Canadians with 88 goals and 96 assists in 153 games. She ranked fifth all-time, behind Hayley Wickenheiser, Jayna Hefford, Caroline Owlette and Danielle Jewett.

Wickenheiser, Hefford, and Goyette are the Hall of Famers.

When Pope Francis spoke of togetherness to a crowd in Iqaluit, Nunavut, during his visit to Canada, he referred to Pauline and fellow nurse Sarah by name.

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“I heard that,” Bolin said. My grandmother sent me a message. I think she is very happy with that. »

Canadian Press He had some questions for Pauline on the eve of the Mundial. The interview has been edited and condensed to save space.

Canadian Press (PC): The Olympics were held six months ago. This is the third major tournament in a year. You have had some knee injuries during your career and played in many international matches. What prompted you to participate in this tournament instead of enjoying a little rest?

Mary Philip Boleyn (MPP): “Team. The last two years have been very special. We have this culture within Hockey Canada that transfers to the women’s team and it’s really good. So it’s hard for me to walk away from this team. We’ve had a lot of success over the past year, but we don’t take anything for granted. Bt. We take pride in wearing a Canadian uniform. It’s an honor every time and it’s fun. But it was a short summer, and I won’t lie to you.”

computer: How will you feel when you lead Canada to the title of third great leader in a year?

MPI: “I didn’t think that far, but the group we have is special. There is a lot of talent among the next generation as well and of course that would be an honour. Winning these two major tournaments in one year was very good for our confidence. But that is now in the past and we are looking to the future.” . »

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computer: What are your duties with Montreal Canadiens and how do you combine that with your snowboarding career?

MPI: “They knew when I sat down with them that my priority is always to play. So this is a part-time role within the player development department. With the junior camp in July, I was able to participate for three days and see what was going on there. It was really fun for the player that I am. “It is now. You see the sport in a different way when you’re on the coaching staff. I tried to see what I had to learn for the players so that I could apply it to my game, and I look forward to being able to invest myself more in this role.”

the computer There are several reports of a league featuring the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHPA), supported by Billie Jean King Enterprises and Mark Walter Group. How close are you to getting the women’s professional league you want?

MPI: “It’s coming. I think we now have an investor, but the process is slower than we expected. We all want a league tomorrow, we all know that. I think we have the right people in the right place. We trust them. We’ve had this association for several years now and we will continue to hope and believe in those.” Those working behind the scenes say it will happen soon.”

PCP : How long do you want to play with the national team?

MPI: “As long as I can follow the guys. They have a lot of talent. I still love it. When I no longer smile, when I don’t enjoy going to the ring, I’ll know it’s over. But that’s not the case.”

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