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Lawsuit against the Canadian Correctional Department | The expert says that the shooter should not be released

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One expert, reading the prison file of Ryan Wolfson, the killer who was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of his release for 25 years, said he did not understand why this criminal was released from the prison where he was held in 2012: the risk of recurrence, in his opinion. However, a few months after his release, Wolfson killed one person and attempted to kill others, including Danick Lesard, who is claiming the federal authorities 3.2 million.

Veronique LuzonVeronique Luzon

MH Danish Lesard commissioned Pierre Tapah to write an expert report on the Ryan Wolfson prison file. “It really took the time to get it right,” the lawyer said Tuesday in a Montreal court, adding that he put 72 hours of work into the case. His observation is clear: It is difficult to explain the option to release Mr. Wolfson when “everything points to the opposite.”

MH Tabah testified that Ryan Wolfson was serving his third federal sentence in 2011. On May 30, 2011, the detainee himself said he wanted to forgo parole on his day because he was so violent. Almost a year later, in March 2012, when he served two-thirds of his sentence on escape and entry, he was finally released from prison. After running away from his home in the middle of the road, the criminal committed several crimes. According to former hockey player Dannick Lessard, he especially tried to kill him by dumping him with balls.

So Wolfson himself would have admitted that he was violent. A fact that had to be considered before he was granted parole. Just like the fact that, again, according to a lawyer who specializes in prison law, he has not always respected the terms of his release in the past and that he has links to organized crime. He added that the risk of his reintegration into society was low, and the risk of him returning to crime was high.H Resilience.

“We kept people in detention for less than that,” he told Judge Bernard Gulin of the Supreme Court.

MH Tabah also questioned the decision to assign the task of evaluating Mr. Wolfson’s parole case to a reformist trainee in Canada. “I’ve never seen that in my professional life,” the experienced lawyer said. It is an option that was also criticized on Monday by ex-prison guard Marie-RenĂ©e Cotet, who was also heard as a witness in the case.

Although this third sentence was not a violent crime, the killer had a history of violent behavior that had to be taken into account when making a decision, also provoking the master.H Resilience.

I recall that the trial began on Monday. Danick Lesard criticizes the Canadian Corrections Department for hastily releasing Ryan Wolfson from the prison where he was being held. He received nine bullets at the exit of the dance bar where he was working in 2012. In addition to post-traumatic stress, the assault had many after-effects, including one lung.

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