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Le Bonheur: François Avard responds without white gloves to Marc Cassivi’s criticism

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The first scene of the new comedy the happiness It generated a lot of reactions after it aired.

During that, we could see Professor Francois Plante (performed by Michel Charette) a one-finger burnt in massive hysteria and drag his students through the mud before making bacon on the floor.

Passing through Everyone is talking about itOn Sunday, January 16, Michel Charette and the author of the series François Avard commented on the various reactions of the audience and critics to this series that did not leave anyone indifferent.

Some considered it a simple fantasy scene whose amplification and caricatured approach was first and foremost to produce a comedic effect, as emphasized by Michel Charette.

“Honestly, we’re in luck. There sure are retros compared to that, but this brings a breath of fresh air to a lot of people. They camped that out in the student environment because François [Avard] and Daniel [Gagnon] They are former teachers. They knew what they were talking about, it’s a stressful job”, the first to endorse the comedian.

“Doctors, lawyers, guards, anyone can write to me to say: Thank you, it feels good. Young people and a lot of young people honestly. I think with the severe nausea we’ve been seeing for 22 months due to the pandemic, it has collectively benefited everyone. I am very happy with the response people did.”

But others also wanted to remind us that we’re in 2022 by taking theater at face value.

This is the case of La Presse columnist Marc Cassivi, who has been particularly critical of the sequence of conveying prejudices about youth today, and for perpetuating a particular television trend by presenting “The man – especially the middle-aged heterosexual white man – is a victim”.

Then François Avard used his platform to respond directly to the latter.

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“My job as an artist is to be someone who puts his finger on the bobo and disturbs the goodwill. That was in the Rougons days, and it still is now. Mark is kind of a priest of a new religion that is wokisme. It’s a religion that I adhere to on a lot of principles, but I don’t practice it.” This part of the religion I believe in, but I am not a practitioner.He said, before continuing in a more cheerful manner.

“There are priests like Mark who want to teach people a lesson. I find that a bit unfortunate. It reminds me of when priests couldn’t prick and asked people to reduce the prick or prick in some other way. Mark would like us to watch TV somehow, and write it one way, but as an artist, I will never be responsible for the script. I will never be told: ‘Write this instead, or never write it.’ »

François Avard also emphasized that this “tick picture” in the base did not in itself have anything glorious for his character, who is still a far cry from the penguin slipping to the furthest point in this whole story.

In short, hack the popcorn, things are likely to get very entertaining on Twitter at the beginning of the week…

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