Thursday, February 29, 2024

Leander Bouchard will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics

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Alan Binder
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That’s what he announced on Monday in a post on his Facebook page.

Cycling Canada will make the official announcement on Tuesday at 11am. Canada will only send one representative for this event.

Jude Dufour revealed that the decision has been known since at least the beginning of June. He even appealed the decision to a judge, to no avail.

Ontarian Peter Desira will be the one to get his ticket to Tokyo. He would have been chosen in particular for 6e He secured a place in the World Cup in 2019. For his part, Jude Dufour considered that the two top 20 rankings at the World Cup in May should have had the upper hand.

Of course, we did not agree with the decision at first. Obviously we thought it made a difference and thought they’d take contemporary results and not results practically two years ago., lamented. He claimed that Cycling Canada maintained its 2019 results because the games were initially scheduled for 2020. They were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Léandre Bouchard currently at 50e In the world ranking, far ahead of Disera at 100e rank. It was set as a substitute. According to Jude Dufour, he was aiming for a place in the Top 12 list in Tokyo.

The coach of Almatois regrets that the selection was made by a committee and criteria. However, it is one of the rare nations that has acted in this way, then I think there was an invitation from the female side as well. Of the three choices for cycling in Canada, there were two. I’m not sure this is a huge success in terms of draft standards, Mocked.

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With judoka Antoine Bouchard not selected last week, it appears that Saguené Lac Saint-Jean is under-represented this year at the Olympics. Bouchardin was part of Rio in 2016.

Leander Bouchard is set to start the Canada Cup in San Felicien on Saturday. He can now take advantage of the new rules to return to Canada because he has had two doses of the vaccine. He participated in the World Cup in France last weekend. He now aims to do well at the World Championships at the end of August.

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