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Legislative return in response to a demonstration in the Yukon

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Moving forward together for the good of our territory : Yukon Commissioner Angelic Bernard opened her speech by recalling the importance of the election result – the desire of Yukon members to see politicians work together, starting with the liberals and the neo-democrats who signed a trust agreement Embodies the spirit of cooperation.

The effect of NPD

The speech of the throne showed the first effects of this agreement. While most of the text is based on the Liberal Party’s campaign promises, some bear the mark NPD.

Among them, we note, for example, the increase in the minimum wage, which will go from $ 13.85 to $ 15.20 an hour this year.

On the environmental issue, the government says so It will revise its goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to a 45% reduction by 2030 compared to 2010 emissions. Goal revised up since the Liberals committed 30% during the campaign.

I should greet Kate [White, chef du NPD]. From the start, our conversation was about not writing a deal that would fail us and I think the spirit and intentions of this deal are promising.

Quote from:Sandy Silver, Yukon Prime Minister

President NPDKate White, for her part, confirms this One of the biggest wins NPD From Yukon It was the creation of what would be Canada’s first publicly funded dental care program. The letter stresses implementation of the means so that people without private insurance can access dental care.

With a minority government, I think this will force the association to work better together. (…) A chance to get good ideas from both sides going forward.

Quote from:Kate White, leader of the Yukon National Party

Housing crisis

One of the points of agreement negotiated between the liberals and the neo-democrats, which promises to limit the increase in rents and to the rate of inflation, has worried many this week. An action not mentioned in the throne speech, which disappointed the Yukon party leader.

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Corey Dickson said: We are very disappointed that there was no mention of the biggest political issue in the region today. It was an opportunity to illustrate the Yukoners’ politics of chaos that had been implemented thus far.

Residential construction sites are on the rise in Whitehorse, but housing needs remain urgent (Archive)

Photo: Radio Canada / Claudian Samson

Angelique Bernard said the government will build on the successful opening of the first residence Housing first In Whitehorse to open a similar one in Watson Lake. These residences provide safe and secure housing for people who have difficulty finding housing. Additionally, it announced that 1,000 new plots of land will be constructed in the Yukon. Over the next few years.

Follow up the relationship with the Francophonie

The only sentence in French in the throne speech delivered by the Yukon Commissioner was the announcement of the new bilingual health center. Should open in Whitehorse to improve access to health services in French.

I think a lot of work has been doneThe Prime Minister reassures the relationship with the Francophone community. For him, the page opens on the legal dispute relating to the francophone school and The partnership with Francophonie bodes well for programs and services for one of the largest bilingual communities in Canada outside of Quebec.

The Legislative Assembly will convene during the next ten days. For the leader of the official opposition who was intending to hold the government accountable and ask a number of questions, the allotted time is Unreasonably short.

The legislature will have 10 days to consider the throne speech, the $ 1.8 billion budget and legislation that we believe is totally inadequate.

Quote from:Corey Dickson, leader of the Yukon party

For Corey Dickson, this short tenure hampers any attempt to take a critical look at the issues raised by the liberal minority government.

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The texting issue: Insufficient penalties for some

Demonstration in front of the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

About 100 people demonstrated in front of the Legislative Assembly before the opening of the 35th legislative session.

Photo: Radio Canada / Claudian Samson

On Monday, the leader of the official opposition said that answers had been provided to the texting issue. With the announcement of the steps being taken to provide training to the MLAs concerned, the Yukon Party felt it could focus on returning to the rally. This was not the case, as the members and people who support the LGBTQ + community as well as other voters are dissatisfied with the scandal that appeared before the Legislative Assembly. Some called for tougher penalties for MPs.

With information from Claudian Samson and Julian Gignac

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