The young Italian received 4, not 6, from Pfizer

Local health authorities said on Tuesday that the 23-year-old Italian who was accidentally administered multiple doses of an anti-Covid vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech, received four, not six as initially announced.

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“It is actually 0.30 ml, which corresponds to the amount used for four doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,” the Health Agency in Tuscany (center) explained about this “dose that was accidentally injected on Sunday May 9th to a young man. Intern in Clinical Psychology” .

“The fact that the injected amount is slightly greater than four doses is important because the experiment that Pfizer conducted to determine the consequences of an overdose had stopped at four doses of the active primary vaccine simultaneously, without this having any particular consequences. For patients,” the health agency added.

The nurse who vaccinated the young woman forgot to dilute the active ingredient bottle with a physiological serum, a mistake due to “routine activity in large quantities and under stress due to the need to adhere to strict deadlines”.

The statement concluded that the young woman, who returned home on Monday after 24 hours in hospital under observation, was still under control.

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