Les # Édubrèves – September 5, 2021 edition

Good one! I’m here with #Édubrèves for this week. Feel free to share it or message me if you have any news to circulate.

In this edition: Curium Magazine as a Gift, a new teamwork on practices that advance the digital transformation of education, teachers making TikTok videos, Canadian video game history, tech tutorials, an overview of the School of the Future and much more!

An enjoyable read.

Please note that the use of animated GIFs in this short news digest is for entertainment purposes only!

Curium Back to School Gift

Here Link Which will give you direct, free access to the digital edition of the September issue of Curium, the journal of science, technology and society dedicated to children aged 14-17. A small back to school gift from BLD Publications.

You can also consult educational activity sheets To exploit the contents of this magazine with your pupils.

Did you order hard copies last spring? You should receive them by mail soon.

Videos on TikTok that change the way we teach

In this article, published in University Affairs, Anna Blakeney, a professor of biomedical engineering at the University of British Columbia, attests to her use of TikTok to distribute educational and fun videos to her students. She says that the videos, in addition to attracting the interest of young people, taught her to be more succinct and more creative in imparting knowledge.

Will you give it a try?

For those of whom Kate Telegic, Professor of Education at York University and Director of the Young Lives Research Laboratory, in this same article, will recommend engaging your students from the start of the project. According to her, teachers have a duty to “think about the educational value of the tools they use,” but they must also allow young people to participate in the thinking.

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An-Najah School is preparing to launch the fall semester

Since 2016, Succès scolaire, now recognized as a virtual school by the Ministry of Education, has helped more than 10,000 students continue their education. It is distinguished by its fully online courses and teaching practices that focus on co-teaching and promote educational differentiation.

With a new course offer that allows young people from the age of 4NS and 5NS High school to continue their school career by completing the DES or obtaining the prerequisites necessary for their admission to college, École Succès Scolaire is a resource for some students to discover.

Learn more

to read

Digital transformation of the educational institution: exchange of professional practices

New group work under supervision under supervision France GravelAnd Natalie Fregon And Julie Monet, just published by Presses de l’Université du Québec. It consists of nine chapters with the aim of promoting professional practices that have enhanced the digital transformation of educational institutions in Quebec. Great read for inspiration.

Distance learning is a disaster for university students

In this article, Posted on La Conversation this week, Emily Delage is from the University of Montreal and has been doing the year and a half of online courses for CEGEP students. There is no doubt that it was disastrous for them: overexposure to screens, sedentary lifestyle, lack of motivation and focus, cheating, etc.

Canadian history of video games

If you are interested in teaching teaching, you may be interested in browsing Canadian video game history. A read that could captivate some students, as we present Canada’s place in this global ecosystem.

Technical tool lessons

The educational team of the Laval Center for School Services came together Numerous educational programs and create pathways for self-study To help students (and perhaps even teachers and parents) fit in with different digital tools.

To put it on the agenda

September 9-10, 2021: Training days on integrating digital technology into educational counseling

event location, organized by Sherbrooke University professor Nancy Granger, available. You can refer to the schedule and make your choices for the workshop groups.

October 13: MTL Connecte – The future of education

Sub-School Executive Director Audrey Miller will present the conference Digital Challenges and Education OpportunitiesAt 1:40 pm, Stephanie Dion, Director of Business Development, will lead a panel discussion on the topic Digital technology as a lever for well-being and learningFrom 2.15 in the afternoon.

Book your ticket now.

Find out what the school of the future will look like

Teachers in holograms, software that tracks readers’ eye movements to adjust to their reading rhythm, etc. changes, Which isn’t science fiction, is still expected in schools in the coming decades.

A picture is worth a thousand words

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