The torch of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo has gone out, and the Games are over

In harmonious harmony, the Japanese celebrated the teams and paid tribute to the Paralympic athletes.

A few minutes before the start of the ceremony, the president of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Marc-Andre Fabian, emphasized the growing notoriety of the Paralympics.

I think we are moving towards a bigger appearance of Paralympic athletes in Canada and around the worldExplained to antenna manager Marie-José Turcotte.

I think we will have a great team for the Paris Games. The next generation is waiting for you!

Quote from:Marc-Andre Fabian, President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee

As at the Olympics, representatives of Canada wore jeans jackets to participate in the ceremony. Canadian flag bearer Brent Lakatos entered the field with pride.

Lakatos, who specializes in sprints, excelled in the Japanese capital. He participated in a total of six events, from the 100m to the marathon. He finished off his Paralympic Games winning streak with four silver medals.

I hope Brent takes advantage of this moment. it’s magic! I hope he takes it all in and has a good time. He deserves to bear this flag.

Quote from:Chantal Petticlerc, former Paralympic athlete

Each flag holder was invited to place a small round mirror on a copy of the Tokyo Skytree to represent the collective effort to promote the Paralympic Games.

The Tokyo Skytree, which the bearers of each country’s flags are decorated with, was constructed in a replica of the city of Tokyo.

Photo: Getty Images / Alex Pantling

Participation of the Afghan para-athletes

The two players from Afghanistan entered the stadium carrying their country’s flag.

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Taekwondo player Zukia Khodadadi and travel athlete Hussain Rasouli received a warm welcome at the Paralympic Village just days after the start of the Summer Games.

They couldn’t make it in time for the opening ceremony, but eventually competed in their own event and represented their state at the closing ceremony.

unusual edition

I have no doubt that this was the most important edition of the Paralympics due to the pandemic. We gave a voice to the 1.2 billion people with disabilities, explained at a press conference the president of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Andrew Parsons.

Hours before the torch erupted at Tokyo National Stadium, he noted that The Paralympic movement is stronger than ever.

There have been doubts for the past two years, when I thought these games would not take placeCIP spokesman Craig Spence was summoned on Saturday.

Over the past two weeks, most semi-athletes have been thrilled to be able to compete for titles on various podiums, even if the spectators were conspicuous by their absence from the stands.

Many of them expressed fears that the Games would be canceled due to the health crisis.

In total, the Canadians have won 21 medals, of which 5 are gold. The country ranked 19th in the final standings. In fact, eight podiums have taken place at the Tokyo Aquatics Center, thanks in large part to Aurélie Rivard.

Unbeatable China finished the Games with 207 medals, 96 of them gold, continuing their dominance that began at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

A festive conclusion and a look to the future

The party started with an exploding musical number. In a very festive atmosphere, colorful Japanese dancers gave exciting performances, which were distinguished by light effects.

A little later, French athletes celebrated at the foot of the Eiffel Tower with a musical performance by the artist Bonn on a giant screen. He suffers from Charcot’s disease, and works only with his eyes.

Moments before the torch of the Paralympic Games went out, the song What a wonderful worldby Louis Armstrong, heard in the stadium.

All eyes now turn to Paris, which will host the 2024 Summer Games.

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