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Liberals pledge $1 billion to help provinces implement passport vaccination | Canada elections 2021

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The Liberal Leader was in Mississauga, Ontario on Friday where many essential workers have struggled with COVID-19 in the past year.

We know these measures will make a real difference in preventing the spread of the virus and in protecting you. And they will encourage those who are reluctant to do the right thing in the endHe said at a press conference.

These certifications will also be beneficial to the economy as they will allow businesses to stay open and people to keep working.

The Palestinian Legislative Council said in a statement that the allocations will be in the form of support costs related to the design and release of vaccine proof certificates.

Mr. Trudeau applauded the decisions of British Columbia and Quebec, which chose to impose a certificate of vaccination to access non-essential services and frequent some public places.

The liberal leader also gives the argument for the latest opinion of the chief economist at TD Bank: Counties that put in place early measures that allow people to go to restaurants with more confidence or attend concerts may be better off than counties that don’t.

Counties that do not choose the vaccination passport They must explain to business people and their citizens why they are not doing what is necessary to encourage everyone to get vaccinated and to make sure that people who go to the gym, cinema, restaurant, or places of their choice are not protected by their governmentMr. Trudeau argued.

Trudeau calls for heat-resistant provinces

A reporter wanted to know if the measure announced today was aimed at coercing premiers, including Doug Ford, in Ontario, and Jason Kenny, in Alberta, who oppose imposing a passport for a vaccine in their province.

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Mr Trudeau denies wanting to make vaccination a political issue.

Every day, I use this forum to call on Canadians to get immunized. This is how we will get through the epidemic. I’m just amplifying the message of public health experts, clinicians and scientists, not just here, but all over the world, to reply.

At his press conference, the Liberal leader directly questioned the Prime Minister of Ontario.

Premier Horgan and Legault have already acted. I hope Premier Ford works here in Ontario, too. It’s time to listen to public health experts and leaders like the mayor of Mississauga [qui a imposé la vaccination à tous les employés municipaux NDLR].

During his speech, Justin Trudeau also called on protesters against health measures and vaccination who have been screaming during his press briefings since the start of the campaign.

It is a choice that they express loudly and clearly. But it’s not just a personal choice. It is a choice they impose on othersHe said in English.

My son is seven years old. It cannot be vaccinated. Thousands of children across the country depend on vaccinated adults for protection. So it’s not just about you, it’s about everyone you love, and the health care workers who are overwhelmed by the need to treat people who haven’t got their vaccines.Mr. Trudeau continued.

The people who come here to protest and the politicians who support them are endangering [tout ce qu’on a accompli pour se sortir de la pandémie].

Quote from:Justin Trudeau

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When asked if he would invest in this way if brought to power, Tory leader Erin O’Toole did not respond directly, but emphasized that he would respect the counties’ choice.

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I will always respect provincial decisions on vaccination passports and epidemiological measuresOn the sidelines of a press conference in Newfoundland.

The provinces are trying to balance the need to protect people from the need to keep the economy going. If counties decide to put proof of vaccination, vaccination passport, we will support them and respect their choice, complete in English.

At a press conference in Thunder Bay, the leader of the New Democratic Party, Jagmeet Singh, instead proposed standardizing the vaccination certificate across the country.

The federal government must implement the document immediately. Instead of having different systems in each county, it would be more helpful to have a federal document that we can show, which we can use to prove that we are vaccinated., He said.

For his part, the leader of the Quebec bloc, Yves Francois Blanchett, refused to comment on the merits of the vaccination passport, saying only that it is the area of ​​competence of the Quebec government.

However, he denounced the electoral promises that came, according to him, to infringe on the governorates’ fields.

If Mr. Trudeau’s government decides to invest, well, I suppose that in that case too, rather than interfering with Quebec’s jurisdiction, it will pay Quebec’s share of the amount to Quebec.He said in Saguenay.

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