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Vaccination passport: funny, expected situations

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Health Minister Christian Dube surprised “La Gute” analysts Thursday by announcing a press briefing that the government viewed the application of a vaccine passport positively.

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“I am a little surprised that the Minister launched it this way in the Stratosphere without there being an in-depth study or a somewhat broader reflection. Emmanuel Latravers’s response to this question, there is a real debate about this in Quebec.

She warns that the project is likely to face many pitfalls, especially at the legal level, where employers cannot force their employees to vaccinate.

“We will have a situation where we enter CHSLD to go to see your mother, you must have your vaccination passport, but the midwives who take care of her are not required to be vaccinated,” she confirms -.

A vaccine passport could also cause an uproar across Canada if Quebec is separated.

“What will you do this summer when there are tourists from all over Canada?” Will all tourism in Quebec be closed to all other Canadians? At some point, as long as you are in the same country, it will take a certain level of coordination, ”says Emmanuel Latravers.

Even if he believed that in terms of international tourism, a vaccine passport would become mandatory, Stefan Bedard is convinced that it will be difficult to implement within Quebec.

It’s a tool. Bad idea. Let’s put that aside and focus on vaccination.

“There is a form of social control, for medical reasons, which is extremely worrying, which creates two classes of citizens or indirectly produces compulsory vaccines,” Matteo Bok-Koteh recalls.

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If he is not fiercely opposed to the idea – as long as it remains temporary – he nonetheless believes that “this is the kind of action to be dealt with with a question mark”.

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