Library Science Festival

Because children love experiments, the municipal library welcomes them from October 2 to 22. Director Stephanie Regis and her team have created a captivating program as part of Fête de la science.

In partnership with the media library in the departments, an interactive exhibition, logic games and books on the topic “Illusions, puzzles and mathematical games” are presented. Children are welcome to come and play with the library team. A dedicated brochure will allow them to test their knowledge on the sidelines of the “Malice aime Alice in the land of mathematics” exhibition.

Science fair mainly targeting children from 8 to 10 years old. Interactive boards combine text and puzzles. Stephanie Regis explains that “educational games also make it possible to experiment with the mathematical concepts involved in manipulation.” So who would be the most logical to win a game of Awale, Tower of Hanoi, Minus Plus or succeed in tangram?

Exercise. From Saturday 2nd to 22nd October in the Media Library. free access.

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