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Lightspeed subscribers often miss the service in French

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Lightspeed, which helps Blue Basket acquire its trading platform, struggles to serve its customers in French on the weekends, decrying small traders.

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In recent days, many have in turn denounced register Full English language presence in Lightspeed Customer Service.

“Over the past year, every time I called on the weekends, I got a message saying: ‘Service in French is not available today. However, you can get service in English,’” said Alan Vandal, CEO of Bonbons Nuts & Cie.

“My account manager only spoke English. I asked to have someone who spoke French because when I negotiate contracts I want to understand them in my mother tongue.”

Last June, Blue Basket announced its intention to become a transaction platform with “lightspeed strategic support”.

Investissement Québec (IQ) has invested $12 million in the $22 million project.

Other contributors are Fonds de Solidarité FTQ ($5 million), Mouvement Desjardins ($4 million) and Lightspeed ($1 million).

Caisse . interacts

Yesterday, Caisse de depot, a major contributor to Lightspeed, responded to language issues raised by smaller merchants.

The woolen socks of Quebecers noted that “respect for French as an official language in Quebec is essential.”

The foundation said it expects its companies to respect the language of business and the language of customer service.

“If we have concerns in this regard, we express them directly with our portfolio companies,” spokeswoman Kate Monfit said.

“We are confident that Lightspeed will give due consideration to any issues that may arise in this regard,” she went so far as to say.

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Lightspeed promises improvement

For its part, Lightspeed defended itself by emphasizing that customer satisfaction is the “core” of its activities.

Lightspeed spokeswoman Stephanie Princeville responded, “We make sure our users feel valued and have access to ongoing support in French or English, whether by email or instant messaging.”

“If there are cases where we can improve, we will not hesitate to do so,” she concluded.

yesterday, Newspaper She told the story of Océane Fortin-Desbiens, a restaurateur who couldn’t get her $10,000 receipts from Lightspeed. After the article was published, the company promised to solve the problem.

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