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The sudden expulsion of CTV National News anchor Lisa Lalam sent shockwaves across English Canada and even abroad. After 35 years of work, the head of the antenna star receives a lot of support in newspapers and social networks.

Popular news anchor Lisa Laflame announced in a video clip on Twitter on Monday her sudden dismissal from CTV. At 58 and after 35 years in the business, she learned that she would be replaced by 39-year-old journalist Omar Sachdina.

The video he posted on Twitter quickly went viral, eliciting strong reactions, like those of Canadian journalist and public figure Joanna Schneller: “Shame on Bell Media. Lisa deserved better movies.”

Turck Fancore 10

Photo taken from Twitter account @lisalaflamme

The famous news anchor (whose departure can evoke feelings similar to those experienced by Quebecers when Bernard Durum and Pierre Bruno retired) shares surprise and grief after being arrogantly fired by Bell Media (which owns CTV).

“For 35 years, I have had the honor of welcoming you into your homes to deliver the news every night, so I thought you should hear this from me,” she said. On June 29, I was informed that Bell Media had made – and I quote – a “commercial decision to terminate my contract,” which abruptly ended my long career with CTV News. I was surprised, shocked and saddened by this decision. »

The video has so far garnered 4.2 million views, 79,800 likes and 16,100 comments, almost all of which are positive. The backlash has also taken the form of open letters from angry readers screaming against gender and age discrimination in newspapers, including The Globe and Mail.

Bill Media’s decision

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Bell Media said in a statement on Monday that Omar Sachedina will replace her on September 5, citing a “change in viewing habits” and made clear that this would take the show and anchor “in a different direction.”

However, Lisa LaFlamme’s newsletter is one of the most popular in Canada, according to the latest Numeris data. These numbers raise questions about Bell Media’s decision to abruptly terminate Lisa LaFlamme’s contract.

Lisa Lafilm chose to keep her natural hair color.

Screenshot, CTV

Lisa Lafilm chose to keep her natural hair color.

In the Canadian English newspapers, rumors circulate, here invoking the issue of cleaning up Sam’s workplace, and there is a controversial report that prompted Patrick Brown to resign as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario.

Call about this before NewspaperJean-Hugues Roy, professor of journalism at UQAM, does not hesitate to talk about discrimination against women.

“I find it extremely unfair for women to be subjected to injustices like this,” he said. Would Mrs. Laflame would have received the same treatment if she had been a man? I do not believe. Would she have stayed here if she was a man? I think so. In general, men are free to leave on their own. It seems we are holding back. »

Bell Media did not respond to an interview request from register.

The era of TV presenters when they retire

  • Lloyd Robertson: He retired from CTV in 2011, at the age of 77.
  • Peter Mansbridge: He retired from CBC in 2017, at the age of 69.
  • in Quebec, Pierre Bruno He retired last June at the age of 70.
  • Bernard Durom He retired in December 2008, at the age of 64.
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They interact on social networks

The dismissal of Lisa LaFlamme is abhorrent and poorly managed by Bell Media. I would like to pay tribute to a famous broadcaster. Lisa Laflam has been very strong in leading CTV National News. big loss. Great annoyance…”

Esther Beggin, anchor, presenter and documentary filmmaker

35 years as a journalist and news anchor on a prime-time national newscast…that way we told her she had made her choice that this was the end…”

Anne Marie Wythenshaw, animator

I have always appreciated and respected Lisa Laflame. This is an example of Karima’s departure…even if it wasn’t her choice, she explains. respect. »

– Patrice Roy, news anchor

I’m really sorry, Lisa. »

— Céline Gallebo, hostess at Téléjournal

Shame on Bell Media. Lisa deserved better movies. »

– Joanna Schneller, columnist for The Globe and Mail

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