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Exploding subscriptions on viewing platforms

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Tony Vaughn
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It’s a clear result to say the least: time spent in front of a screen to consume content of all kinds has exploded since the start of the pandemic, and the war for attention between platforms has intensified.

Isolating health restrictions, combined with business closures, created the perfect backdrop for an explosion in demand for online content. These must be creative to satisfy the endless appetite of people stuck at home.

“We’ve been consuming a lot of streaming content,” says Kathryn Mathis, Director of Business Intelligence at Media Canada. We’ve all tested it personally, but the numbers are a lot in the same direction: We went from nearly 25.8 million subscriptions in 2019 to 38 million subscriptions in 2020 “in Canada, for viewing platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV + and Disney +, ICI TOUT.TV EXTRA, and Club Illico.

The numbers come from GlobalWebIndex and are cited in the Canadian Media Fund’s annual report, released Monday.

We also learn about differences in consumption between French and English speakers in the country, which is a particularly noticeable difference in terms of subscriptions on the most popular platforms.

Not surprisingly, Netflix has the most subscribers, with 68.3% of English speakers between 16 and 64 years old in the country, and 52.7% of French speakers in the same age group.

The second most popular platform in the country, Amazon Prime Video, for its part, has a subscription rate of 34.2% among native English speakers and 17.9% among French speakers.

For its part, Ilico will seek a bracket of 15.3% among French speakers and 1% among English speakers. The Crave platform will seek 7.1% French and 16.8% English. Finally, TOUT.TV EXTRA reaches 17.3% of French speakers.

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M. said: “The nerve of war when there is a war of substance like this is targeting.”I Matisse. Better yet, it is “precise targeting” which relies on a more accurate set of information about individuals in order to be able to provide personalized content.

“To try to get as much interest as possible early as possible in the series broadcast, you need to reach people directly according to their interests. To go and join the communities of interest directly.”

Most of the content is still consumed through smartphones (94.6% for Anglos and 89.2% for Francos), like the other G8 countries. This is closely followed by computer viewership, which is over 79% for everyone.

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