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Little Broken Hearts Lara Fabian

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Last week was unreal for the little hearts of Lara Fabian in star Academy. Not only did Audrey Louise’s inexplicable departure infuriate viewers – the word is weak – it also utterly frustrated the academics, who cried more than usual behind their bathroom door.

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Like us at home, supporters of director Lara Fabian wondered: If the best candidate Audrey Louise is ousted, what are we seriously doing here? Collective morale sank to the bottom of the majestic steps of Waterloo Palace and Edouard Legacy’s Impostor Syndrome was amplified.

I’ve consumed it, reality TV, for the past 20 years, including all versions of star Academy Since 2003. I have not seen such a situation where the controversial judiciary canceled the atmosphere so much and unleashed the audience.

In unison, the students challenged their teachers’ decision. A kind of musical rebellion broadcasting live, which took on the tunes telenovela.

“In my head, Audrey Louise won in November,” Edward commented on TVA’s daily broadcast Monday. Jeremy Blunt added that it’s hard to accept the fact that Audrey Louise didn’t win the public vote.

When a scary contestant on a reality show passes out of the way, survivors rarely get depressed on this level. Because the faster the talents leave, the higher the chances of winning over the less qualified candidates.

The case of Audrey Louise Beauséjour, 23, of Broussard, defied all expectations. Since the beginning of the competition, Audrey Louise has starred in every appearance. Didn’t miss anything. She inherited great grades and all her comrades constantly reminded her that she was headed straight for victory.

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Lara Fabian

That’s what fans thought, too. Since Sunday evening, The Remote Web has been launched and is as intense as a rehearsal with Gregory Charles. Fans are calling out boss Lara Fabian, who allegedly unfairly favored singer Christel Mungo, as she was part of her band in 6 . sound In 2018. Edward Lagassi (Team Alex Nevsky) and Julian Charbonneau (Team Lara Fabian) also participated in 6 . sound in value added tax. It was Edward who went even further by losing in the semi-finals.

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Returning to popular indignation, the petition to reinstate Audrey Louise in reality TV was signed 10,000 times in five days. and production team star Academy Navigating the Damage Reduction mode full time.

On Tuesday evening, Gregory Charles attempted to cushion the shock wave by reminding his students to look forward, not backward, and that the goal in star Academy had to move forward. Gregory Charles insisted: “You will all leave and there will be two left in the end, that’s the context.”

This motivational speech did not change the gloomy mood of the academics. The solution? A trip to the sugar shack, while Mark Dupree pours himself a curated Nescafe.

Between two bites of maple candy, Lara Fabian made a video call to ousted artist Audrey Louise to offer to sing with her at the Place des Arts and at the Videotron Center. It was the final rowing event of the week.

And despite all the efforts the production made to quell the anger of viewers, he still grumbled on social networks, where Marielle Dorion was also dirty. Fans accuse him of having invented the fatigue shot, which allowed him to avoid the danger that was fatal to Audrey Louise.

It is not Eloy Cummings’ victory in the popular vote that is of concern here. It is the injustice suffered by Audrey Louise that disturbs. Of course, like Charlotte Cardin and Mary May who have not won their respective competitions, Audrey Louise will continue her career in entertainment. The main difference is that Audrey Louise was removed after endangering her. Neither Marie May nor Charlotte Cardin, who were able to fight to the end. This is where it hurts.

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

Comedian (and model) Thomas Bowdoin plays District 31.

31 . models

There are two former professional models currently playing in District 31 On Radio Canada. Did you know them?

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The first is called Jean-Francois Poirier, which is the pseudonym of biker Martin Moissan in the soap opera Luc Dion. Significantly participated in the second season ofdouble occupation In 2004 before embarking on modeling. Jean-Francois Poirier was once the face of perfume the moment from Chanel.

The second model is better known: Thomas Bowdoin, who was the star of the TV series Hubert and Fanny In 2018. In District 31Thomas Bowdoin plays Jonathan Craig, who is sent to prison as part of Operation Mr. Page.

We feel the end is near District 31. She gave Noelle (Catherine Saint Laurent) and Patrick (Vincent Guillaume Otis) five weeks’ notice of departure. The scene where Patrick and Commander Chiasson (Gildor Roy) close their eyes at the thought of parting (professionally) was heartbreaking. I don’t want this to end, okay?

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