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The pandemic saw the birth of a bunch of diverse, vaguely conceptual shows, which were sped up to fill gaps in programming schedules stripped from their main series, let’s be honest here for a couple of seconds.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

At TVA, which was slow to start filming summer soap operas last summer, we had the right to do so Family jewelryBy Charles Laforton, Take turnsBy Marie-Ève ​​Janvier as well Without maliceWritten by Pierre-Luc Funk, Helene Bourgeois Leclerc and Pierre-Yves Roy Desmares. All-around similar productions, with blurry lines, are struggling to reach their audiences.

For two weeks, Radio Canada had a similar program, based on a gentle idea, that stretched to the limit. it’s a what’s your name ?, The Crown Company broadcasts on Wednesdays at 8 pm.

If sanitary conditions have made it possible to restart the cooking reality TV The Presidents!What we would have seen what’s your name ? And no one will shout out loud of resentment.

The first episode, starring Frans Baudouin and Patrice Belanger, was agonizing to watch. Host Stefan Bellavans went his way to fill the airtime with a bit of exciting material. The two guests forced their smile as they clenched their teeth: “But what do we do here for the love of heaven?” Save us!

Image provided by Radio Canada

Host what’s your name ?Stefan Bellavans with rapper Fookie.

And the second, with Isabelle Rachicott and Marc Messier, didn’t deliver any major excitement either. Yet on paper, an idea what’s your name ? promise. Talking about the history, origins, or number of first names in Quebec is really interesting. And the lead song composed by FouKi is well catchy.

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But a path what’s your name ? It does not follow naturally. Slides are time consuming. There is a lot of bragging and discomfort. All too often, Stefan Bellavans imposes his substance on the guests, which breaks the rhythm and causes discomfort, which is what we feel in our living rooms.

During the records of collaborator Kevin Raphael, he also screams, as if the two stars in the group were forced to laugh or respond to each of the gags, with the camera pointed at them.

What works well is comedian Yves Cote’s pre-recorded topo, which combines news and entertainment. Historian Evelyn Veron, who visited last week, is still relevant. What a good, enthusiastic and enlightened interlocutor.

Slam / monologue part at the end what’s your name ? He also has potential, even if it’s similar to the section, and less successful, that wraps up each episode Without malice In the value-added tax.

To Numéris audimeters, what’s your name ? It works great, better than many similar TVA shows. The first episode was watched live by 520,000 people and ratings rose to 562,000 viewers per second. It surprises me, because I haven’t heard good comments about it what’s your name ?.

Also in the set, TVA is keeping five new episodes fromTake turns, Recorded by Marie Yves Janvier at the beginning of December. Will it expire before its air date?

Hell Residential School

Dominic Petén, rapper Samian, Marco Cullen (Belle Wabo V. The countries mentioned above), Virginie Fortin and Mylène St-Sauveur played the lead roles in You Flora, The first Radio Canada mini-series imagined by the original creators, Mohawk writer and director Sonia Ponspell Boileau, and Algonquin producer Jason Brennan (Niche Media).

Radio Canada image

The Mohawk is a writer and director Sonya Bonspell Boeleau

“It is time to make one,” says André Pirod, director of drama programs at Radio Canada.

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Dropped in six one-hour episodes, You Flora It will tell the story of two young Anishinabe (Algonquin) who were forcibly enrolled in an Indigenous residential school, with several round-trip trips between the 1960s and today.

Filming will take place in October at Kitigan Zibi Reserve, near Maniwaki, Canada’s largest Algonquin community. Director and screenwriter Sonia Ponspell Boileau, whose grandfather attended one of these boarding schools, is working on You Flora since five years. Soon, she will visit various indigenous communities to complete her staff.

In building her story, Sonya was inspired by the founding of Saint-Marc-de-Figuery, south of Amos, which was inaugurated in 1955. Whether in Amos, La Tok or September, these boarding schools have long welcomed indigenous students torn from their families and forced into assimilation . Mellene Saint Sauveur (AlertsThe teacher will be camped out with gentle tactics that children love, but management finds them very weak in their interventions.

Marco Cullen, an Innu actor from Mashteuiatsh, will play the survivor of these reform schools run by Oblates, where young people have lost all forms of identity.

You Flora You will land on Extra de Tou. Television in the spring of 2022, for the first time in Anishnaabemowin, which belongs to the Algonquin language family, with French subtitles. The French version will arrive 100% in seven days.

For those who do not subscribe to Extra, this short series will be broadcast on Radio-Canada and APTN during the 2022-2023 season.

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