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Another interesting type of bonus is certainly also the so-called high roller bonus. This bonus is for players who decide that they want to put more money into their game. This means that the casino decides to give players who want to play with more money the opportunity to receive a higher bonus than for regular players. Such a player has the opportunity to receive a non-standard high bonus, but this is associated with the expenditure of larger funds.

Part of the offer of a really large number of online casinos is also a loyalty program. What exactly is a loyalty program and what opportunities and benefits does it offer you as a player? The loyalty program is, in short, the operator’s tool through which it rewards its players for loyalty. This usually means that for playing on the website of a given casino online you earn loyalty points, which you can subsequently use.

The number of loyalty points that you can earn, mostly depends on how much money on the website of the operator in question you “turn”. Let’s say that for every 100 euros you get one loyalty point. However, there are other ways in which online casinos can award these loyalty points, for example in the form of rewards for success in some promotions. Surely you will also be interested in what you can get for loyalty points earned in this way. This also depends to a large extent on how the operator chosen by you decides.

Therefore, the possibilities that a loyalty program can offer you are really very wide. It depends on the particular online casino. Therefore, if you are interested in using such a program, you should study its conditions well to find out what exactly it offers you. Rewards in kind are not as common in the online casino bonuses section as they are in the mentioned bonuses, but they can also be found in a number of operators. In-kind prices can take different forms, such as trips, in which the online operator will reimburse you for travel, accommodation and, possibly, other costs associated with it. However, we can also meet with a lot of other types of material rewards.

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Therefore, in order to find the best bonus, you need to take into account not only what kind of casino reward the operator offers you, but certainly also what conditions for obtaining it you need to meet. Among the most common conditions that you will have to fulfill are certainly the requirements for a break. Wagering requirements dictate to you how many times you must wager the bonus funds earned before you “convert” them into actual funds.

In addition, very often you can also meet the fact that the online casino will determine for you on which games you can stop these bonus funds. This means that only the money wagered on the games will count towards the wagering requirements of the bonus. In addition to the amount of the bonus offered to you by the online casino, it is therefore necessary to take into account at least the following three factors: the wagering requirements, the time allotted for this and the games that count towards the wagering requirements.

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