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not looking | When science takes revenge

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In an effort to make his contemporaries aware of the grave dangers threatening the planet, Adam McKay took great measures: humor and irony. In his new movie, he put together a reputable cast who is dominated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence. It also replaced the melting glacier with a giant comet…

Marc Andre Loser

Marc Andre Loser

It was first recognized thanks to the outspoken comedy (AnchormanAnd Talladega nights), Adam McKay has since turned to social humor (The Big Short) and politicsvice). Motivated by a sense of urgency about climate change, and outraged by the lightness with which humanity faces the problem, the film-maker imagined what could happen, for example, when astronomers discovered a nine-kilometre-wide comet heading straight toward Earth. If nothing is done, this person will have the power to destroy the entire planet to such an extent that the effect will be great. In short, the end of the world will happen in six months.

Image provided by Netflix

Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry play the co-hosts of a popular morning TV show in do not search (cosmic denial), a film by Adam McKay.

Adam McKay said during a virtual show, “At first, I intended to make a real drama out of it, but now, because of everything that has happened in recent years, with the pandemic on top of that, we need a lot of laughs,” the press conference, which was also attended by a number of actors. It’s also a very human reaction to using humor, even in the midst of the worst tragedies!”

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Disbelief and bad faith

And so the story is built around the infidelity – and sometimes bad faith – in which bad news is received relentlessly, and that comes from the depths of the solar system. Jennifer Lawrence embodies a brilliant graduate of astronomy, and her shocking discovery is soon confirmed by her professor emeritus (Leonardo DiCaprio). Neither the President of the United States (Meryl Streep), nor her son (Jonah Hill), the Warriors-appointed chief of staff, nor co-hosts look forward to the lives of the most popular morning TV show (Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry), don’t take the scientists’ warning seriously.

Image provided by Netflix

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence make headlines do not search.

“Science has taken a lot of blows,” Leonardo DiCaprio said. Through this story, Adam succeeds in illustrating how science has become a political issue in a world where alternative facts are rife. ”

I built my character by drawing inspiration from all the experts I’ve met over the past few years, climate change specialists, who try to point out the gravity of the situation, but have relegated to the last column of a newspaper.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Jennifer Lawrence adds, “It’s so frustrating to see people flatly reject the conclusions of scientists who have devoted their whole lives to research.”

Leonardo DiCaprio, whose eco streak is well known, says he appreciates the way Adam McKay created two very distinct science figures. The graduate is more stern and brash, like Greta Thunberg, while the professor tries to better measure his words so that they remain audible to those who do not want to hear them.

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“I especially like the way Adam shows how difficult truth is to assert and how often it is shifted in favor of ideology, and that confirms the actor. I think this film is very important at this special time.”

Image provided by Netflix

in a do not searchMeryl Streep plays a US president who denies the findings of science.

Despite its serious subject matter, many gags punctuate this feature-length film whose title evokes a slogan borrowed by supporters of the President of the United States. Skeptical of the climate and reluctant to follow the conclusions of science, the latter urges his flock to look at the earth rather than the sky, lest he succumb to the stories of fear told by comet-nerds. It is clear that any resemblance to current politicians is purely coincidental.

“I wasn’t inspired by someone in particular to write my character because there are a lot of people in the public space coming up with ridiculous ideas,” Meryl Streep said. However, joining the public service takes so much that we were surprised to see such distinguished people dedicate themselves to it. Luckily there are, because we need them more than ever! ”


The character of the professor embodied by Leonardo DiCaprio was initially of a calmer nature, and the desperate rage that he broadcasts live on television until his message finally reaches his contemporaries becomes more poignant. The actor places such severity in him that this sequence certainly takes on a purifying value, as much for him as for all those who remain faithful to science.

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“We had to paraphrase that discourse about fifty times, which defines a discourse we haven’t seen on the cinema screen since. Once upon a time in Hollywoodby Quentin Tarantino. I tried to express the frustration of the scientific community, whose alerts are ignored when everything falls apart. It was like taking off the uniform of a civilized professional and going straight to the most blunt truth. ”

Leonardo DiCaprio is very proud of this movie because he has been looking for a project for a long time where this kind of topic will be addressed.

“It’s the kind of topic where you wonder how different you can make on an individual level and how you can contribute to the cause,” he says. Think so with this scenario, Adam [McKay] I found the safe formula and found the perfect way to talk about it. The survival of the planet is at stake. This topic should regularly fill our conversations. It takes an artist like Adam to teach us that. It is an honor for me to be a part of this film. ”

do not search (cosmic denial in the french version) It hits cinemas December 10 and hits Netflix on December 24.

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