Living in a house full of lead

Jacqueline (fictitious first name) interviewed the media every Sunday afternoon. He hopes that the shooters who shot his house understand that there are no people connected to organized crime at this address.

This morning, she is trying to recount the tragedy she has been living for three weeks. The lady does this for her four children aged 6-14.

When we bought this off-plan home four years ago, we planned our family life. We saw our children grow up in a safe and warm home. Today, my dream as a mother is crumblingJacqueline says, her eyes watery.

Jacqueline looks at the bullet hole next to her stove.

Photo: Radio Canada

And for good reason, no less than a dozen holes left behind by bullets that penetrated the living room window and the main entrance around it.

She and her husband are the original owners of the place and thus do not understand why they are being violently harassed.

The first incident occurred at 2 a.m. on 1 April. SPVM officers woke the family to inform them that their door had been damaged by gunfire.

You tell yourself it’s bad luck. With everything happening in Montreal, stray bullets can happen without targeting your family in particularsays the mother of the family.

But on April 23, more shots sounded. This time, the whole family awoke to the sound of explosions.

Dozens of bullet marks were found inside Jacqueline's home.

Dozens of bullet marks were found inside Jacqueline’s home.

Photo: Radio Canada/Pascal Rubidas

Undoubtedly, it was of a heavy caliber. It was like hearing thunder repeatedly. A bullet path passed through our house to smash my neighbor’s son’s back window. That’s a long way to a shotgun shell. I lost control. I was screaming. I was hysterical. This is one of my daughters who picked up her phone to call 911says Jacqueline.

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Therefore, the latter requests a police presence in its sector in Lille de Sur. In addition, his neighborhood has launched a petition to open a police station in the neighborhood currently served by District 16 station located in Verdun.

The lady swears that no one has any problem in her family.

I am a mother like all the others. I don’t have a history with anyone. Let’s say my husband has problems. still here. They will just have to come see him. By what right can people afford to shoot a house with children? What is our relationship to these cases?

Montreal police declined to comment on the ongoing police investigation.

Crime in Montreal in 2022

  • Kill: 3
  • Attempts to kill: 14
  • Revolver discharge: 21

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