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Lot: In Cahors, loot to educate young people about sexual health

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Sexual Health Weeks take place from 30 May to 12 June in Occitanie. In Cahors, the Home for Teenagers and Young People is participating in these precautions, by organizing an assassination on Thursday 9 June.

This Thursday, a team from Maison des Teenes et des jeunes du Lot (MDA) du Lot will be roaming the streets of Cahors. The purpose of these loots: to meet young people in order to get close, discuss and exchange on topics related to sexuality. If Magen David Adom regularly organizes this type of procedure, then Thursday is part of the Sexual Health Weeks, which are organized from May 30 to June 12 throughout Occitanie. Stephanie Boye, Director of the Home for Teens and Youth, explains the details of this initiative.

What is the purpose of this work?

In this looting, which he called “information/alcohol looting”, the idea is to be able to provide first level information. To provide this information, our way of working is to “go to”: a psychologist and specialist educator will go to young people, wherever they are, when they are there, with the goal of being able to assess what knowledge they may have about sexual health. Everything is done in a fun way, using cards or educational videos.

Why do you interfere in the image of looting?

It makes it possible to answer the questions of young people who do not necessarily dare to ask them in more institutional settings, such as the classroom. There, it’s a very small group. My colleagues will go to young people who already know each other, and who can be comfortable with the idea of ​​discussing these issues together. This allows the topic to be discussed in an anonymous and confidential manner.

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What can be said about the risks to young people in terms of sexual health?

My answer would not be universal, nor would social studies support it. But what we see is that we have young people who engage in particularly risky behavior, sometimes through ignorance of information, even though there are programs in schools, especially on the risks associated with unprotected sexual practices. We also note that there are young people who are highly exposed to pornographic content. This exhibition takes place without them being able to say anything about it, as it is a topic on which there are still few possibilities for discussion. In general, young people are always seen as a priority audience in these issues related to sexuality, because they are experimenting.

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