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Lou Block and Julie and “Hand on the Wheel”

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In every federal campaign since the 1993 campaign, the bloc’s first, the question of this particular party’s utility — not aspiring to be in government — has resurfaced.

It is a project. But after three decades, he has become a kind of character imposed on his opponents.

Last Saturday, liberals Pablo Rodriguez and Melanie Jolly sang the antiphon: “They’re big talkers, small doers. The block wants to send Kickbackers to Ottawa to ask. We want to send Kickbackers to Ottawa to take action,” Rodriguez says.

To whom exactly do we owe the government’s achievements? Political credit is perhaps what politicians argue most, who have to convince citizens that they owe much of what is going well. Show all.

However, democratic decisions are mostly the result of some kind of collective tinkering. An idea arrives at the table, officials reshape it in discussion with the elected officials in power. Then she worked on the body in parliamentary debates and in the public space.

Interesting email

I recently got an email exchange (genuity confirmed to me) dated May 19, 2020 that shows part of this game.

A liberal officer addressed his counterpart in the Quebec bloc: “The government has put in place the following programs to help businesses, taking into account the proposals of the Quebec bloc.”

Here is a list of six economic measures taken in Wave 1: Contingency Account for Canadian Companies (CUCC); Canada Emergency Assistance for Commercial Rental; Canada Emergency Wage Support; emergency fund to support cultural/sports organizations; Regional Aid and Recovery Fund and Fishermen Support.

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In a paragraph, the liberal wrote about an amendment to the CUCC: “This flexibility has been requested many times by the Quebec bloc and other parties. Is there anything more specific you would recommend?” The email concludes. If so, could you send your suggestion to us as soon as possible. “

“Both hands on the wheel”

I asked the LPC to speak with one of them in order to better understand the context of this email. On Tuesday, it was the co-chair of the Liberal Campaign, Melanie Jolly, who answered my questions at a café in Limoilo.

As a skilled politician, she began a thorough and detailed (and interesting!) presentation of the crisis management of the Coronavirus as of March 2020. And the six measures mentioned in the email.

But I must return it to our sheep: and what are the proposals of the mass? And stresses that when the procedures are determined, “Parliament is closed and there is no discussion with other parties.” The leader of the bloc, Yves Francois Blanchett, is his next-door neighbor in Gatineau. “And I don’t remember talking to him.”

The plan was reportedly developed in a vacuum by ministers and officials: “Then Pablo told us [Rodriguez, leader parlementaire] : We will negotiate it. “

At the time, there may have been suggestions from the opposition parties: “We are a minority government. We do not have the option to contact them to obtain their consent. Otherwise, what would have happened. She insists there was unanimous approval.

Mais pour la suite, « il est normal qu’on veuille avoir une majorité pour qu’on puisse mettre en place notre plan, parce que c’est bon, en temps de crise, d’avoir un gouvernement qui a les deux mains sur steering wheel! I know I speak like Jean Charest, but that’s what I think! “

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