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PLQ: $100 billion for the ecological economy

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The leader of the Quebec Liberal Party intends to win the environmental battle by betting on an ambitious $100 billion economic and environmental project in partnership with the private sector.

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Dominic Engled gave a speech focused primarily on the green economy at the opening of his party’s convention.

PLQ: $100 billion for the ecological economy

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To mark the occasion, PLQ has added the environment to its values.

“We are facing climate change. Natural disasters are on the rise. She declared to a few hundred activists an “indisputable climate emergency.” Over the weekend, PLQ will also be showing its activists a 40 to 45% reduction in greenhouse gases for 2030.

PLQ: $100 billion for the ecological economy

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stay away from solidarity

The leader acknowledged that Hizb ut-Tahrir was “going through a redefining moment”, but added that it was “the only explicitly federalist party in the National Assembly”.

Although she has turned left, she rejects the label of Federal Solidarity that has been attributed to her.

“The Liberal Party will never, and I mean never, be a paler version of anything or anyone else,” Mr. said.I Anglade, adding that PLQ wasn’t the flavor of the moment. “The Liberal Party has 150 years of history.”

ECO . project

To stand out, we have to rethink our way of living as well as our economy, she argues.

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Thus, to win the hearts of voters in Quebec, the Green Economy Plan will provide about $100 billion by 2050. The investments must be made with the help of the private sector, notes PLQ.

A 30-year plan introduces nationalizing green hydrogen, reducing energy waste by two-thirds within 10 years, and doubling water charges. “And maybe even by trebling them and multiplying them by four,” even the chef advanced. Mr. A. confirmed.I Engled. “What we need is a real social enterprise […] The global issue is climate change.”

She described the magnitude of the challenge as enormous. “If we want to be serious, we will have to make it a priority and invest. But there is also wealth creation.”

His big project already has a name: “ECO”, and it was brought up more than 25 times in his speech.

PLQ: $100 billion for the ecological economy

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The chef also used her pass in front of her supporters to attack the environmental plan of her opponents the Caquist and Solidarities.

DescriptionI Engled.

progressive federalists

At the entrance to the conference, liberal activists also ruled out the label “federal solidarity”.

The “new” liberal party is the party that has always existed, and the “progressive federal” party was coined in turn.

PLQ: $100 billion for the ecological economy

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“We’ve always been the party of our time,” said Representative Carlos Leto. “Time today is the environment and the energy transition.”

MP Pierre Arcand stressed that the PLQ is a progressive formation. He agreed, saying, “I am a progressive person, according to the tradition of liberals.”

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According to Marquette member, Enrico Ciccone, PLQ shouldn’t be afraid of being an old-fashioned party. “The Montreal Canadiens are more than 100 years old. Do we want to change the image of the Canadian? He has an exceptional crest that is worth a lot,” the former hockey player said.

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