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An open-world game on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise is in development

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Sometimes we learn through devious ads that there is a new game development, and this is the case for a new production about the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, which comes to us through a simple message on Twitter.

Credi Image: Wizards of the Coast

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They are looking for people

It was Hidden Path who just dropped the info with a tweet stating that they are currently looking for a graphics programmer, chief graphics programmer, and a senior technical artist, plus a book to join their team. The team and work on a new AAA is in development, a fictional open-world game based on the Dungeons license & Dragons.

Little information has been leaked at the moment about the game, but it does join the new craze about the franchise, especially with so many projects in progress. For example, there’s a Paramount feature film or, Tuque Games Studio She is currently working on a cooperative role-playing game called Dark Alliance. While Larian Studios has just released Early Access to Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, on the side of the subtle path, it will be necessary to be a little patient. We know, however, that Whitney Beltran is the director of narration on the project. He worked especially on Bluebeard’s Pride, a board game inspired by French folklore. Plus Holovista, an augmented reality mobile game for exploring great architecture.

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