Luc De Larochellière returns to childhood with Rhapsodie lavalloise

Basically, Luc De Larochellière thought of writing three or four songs about his childhood to make a micro album, but the practice soon multiplied. I was a bit confused in my memory, so I rented a car and drove back to my corner in Laval, around Saint-Claude Park.Explained to Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, cultural columnist at all morning.

I passed in front of my childhood kindergarten, blue kindergarten and pink kindergarten, which both became gray kindergarten, I opened something.

In just two and a half weeks, from the music he had already recorded on his phone, the singer-songwriter produced 12 new tracks, unleashing a wave of memories coming back to him. album concept Rhapsody Lavaloise Boy.

Collages of photos and illustrations depicting boys in swimwear and places in the city of Laval. view larger image (A new window)

“Rhapsodie lavalloise” album cover.

Photo: shoemaking discs

loss of innocence

It is very short, the path of innocence I will never forget. I will walk in the woods in silence, hoping to find himSinger-songwriter News from Laval (The Path of Innocence)The penultimate song on the album. The loss of innocence is also one of the main themes of this tenth opus (if we exclude the two albums he envisions with his wife Andrea Lindsay).

At 10, you’re a kid, but you start to be a kid with the loose end of the rope. You can go, explore the world for a bit, and slip away from your mother’s skirtsHe explained, recalling his bike trips with his friends, which he recounts in the third song of the album, Banana seat bike.

We were still innocent, but we were beginning to have more possibilities of exploration, which would have made us lose our innocence, in a sense. It was a pivotal moment for me.

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Resources from the past

This is the first time that Luc De Larochellière has looked so much into the past for an album, he tends to look to the future. But now, after my fifties, I’m starting to have more of the past than the future. I’m in a period that leads me to turn around to see the end of the road, It is to explain.

At 55, he recently saw his five-year-old son start kindergarten, which also helped send him back to his childhood. I needed to heal in the past, summed up.

Concept album with 48 brochures Pages

physical version of Rhapsody Lavaloise It includes a 48-page booklet that collects song lyrics from the album, portraits, and illustrations by Luc De Larochellière, a unique object that stands out a bit in the era of live broadcasting.

I realize childhood fantasy. When I was 10, I wanted to do comics. I was meeting my friend Alan Galbert at our place. We make caricatures, we make stories […] That dream vanished when I did the Festival de la Chanson de Granpe and a door opened for me, the door of song., It is to explain.

Luc De Larochellière also claims that he and his team filmed the entire recording of the album at Piccolo’s studio. This recording could be shown online and on TV in the coming months.

With information from Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, the show’s cultural columnist all morning.

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