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Could it be 2021: Jaboma matches moved to Yaounde? Serge Aurier doesn’t want that

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Djamel Belmadi said that a journalist asked him about the fate of striker Ebossi, who died or was summarily executed after a club match in Algeria, who should be excluded from coverage of the African Cup of Nations. This time, Serge Aurier in full flight hit the oratorical impulses of Philippe Doucet of Canal + on the program “ evening can ».

The person who was introduced to Canal+ as an African football specialist and who has lukewarmly supported a transfer or deferment can The 2021 team wanted to know if the Ivory Coast captain wanted to move his Round of 16 game:

« We saw that Japoma was the worst herb in this can. Do you hope to be Adequate Change the program and send you to another place, or you are happy to be there ? ».

Perhaps Serge Aurier was waiting for the question:

« We are good at Japoma ».

« In that match, I think the pitch was much better than the previous one. Tonight we played on a good pitch. We have criticized the stadium enough but I think it has been much better and I hope we will have better in the next six days “,”

« For this match, they made an effort. The pitch was much better than in the previous match. It was not the condition of the grass that allowed us to achieve this result. We didn’t even count that ».

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