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Magog sets the first record in the country line dance

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According to the organizers, the count could reach 1,500 people at the end of the final count which must be completed on Sunday.

However, that wouldn’t be enough to match the 2,400 people who had already gathered at Saint-Tite in 2012 for the country line dance. However, this record is not officially registered.

Host Manon Levsk directed hundreds of dancers at around 5 p.m. The participants occupied the entirety of Principal Avenue, between Merry and Sherbrooke, when they were performing the dance steps at the same time.

It’s unbelievable, I got goosebumps. It feels so good to get together and see each other again.

Quote from:Manon Levesque, host

This line dance event was organized as part of Magog’s first country day. This is the first time in 10 years that Principal Avenue has been closed due to an event. The Magog Events Corporation, created this year, wanted to find a way to revitalize downtown after more than a year of the pandemic.

Participants learned the dance steps before performing them all at the same time to the music.

Photo: Radio Canada / Katie LaRoche

We said to ourselves, while doing a country day, what we can do to attract different people, we said to ourselves we were going to try to break the recordMagog Events Corporation President Samuel Cote explains.

Hundreds of people gathered

And so the Foundation succeeded in finding a way to bring together these hundreds of people while respecting public health guidelines.

At first with the rules of public health it was not easy, but finally we took the whole Principal Street, and it is very easy to do this in containers of 250 people, as Samuel Cote describes it.

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During the recording of the log, participants all wore a mask when grouped into containers identified by the organizers.

However, throughout the afternoon, while the dancers practiced their step, very few people chose to wear the mask, which alarmed some of the participants.

Few heavy, I find. There is no distance. That’s why we moved away a littleDescribes a man who withdrew from the scene.

However, Samuel Coté believes that the established rules were followed literally, as less than 500 people were on the street at the same time.

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