BBC journalist banned from Russia | In response to London’s “discrimination” against the Russian media

(Moscow) The Russian Foreign Ministry said, today, Saturday, that Russia’s refusal to renew the BBC correspondent’s visa is a response to London’s “discrimination” against the Russian media.

A spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, said the conflict dates back to 2019, when a Russian journalist was forced to leave British soil “without explanation”. Britain was accused of seeking to distort the facts for propaganda purposes.

I repeat: the Russian decision is exclusively (a measure) for revenge. m . addedI Zakharova Wall Facebook.

Jeudi, la télévision d’État russe avait annoncé que la correspondante de la BBC Sarah Rainsford devrait quitter la Russie à la demande des autorités, une décision qui a été qualifiée le lendemain par le groupe audionique liinte dé bert de britan« Journalism “.

NSI Zakharova accused Britain of “distorting” the presentation of the case and the BBC with propaganda.

On Saturday, the BBC said she had been told she would never be able to return to Russia.

A State Department spokeswoman said that was not true and that Mr.I Rainford will receive a visa when the Russian journalist is allowed to return to Britain. She did not mention the identity of the Russian journalist in question, nor did she specify which media outlets he works for.

NSI Long-time BBC Moscow correspondent Rainford will have to leave Russia when his visa expires on August 31. This visa will not be renewed, according to Russian state television.

M said.I Rainford on the BBC.

Two days before this expulsion was announced, Dr.I Rainford had questioned Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, Russia’s ally, about his authority’s violent crackdown on opposition protesters in Minsk.

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Then Mr. Lukashenko accused her of being supported by the United States, in very hostile remarks towards the BBC.

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