Why do beer mugs make a bad frisbee?

What are the two essential holiday accessories (apart from lounge chair and jersey bath)? Answer: Frisbee and beer. Unfortunately, one doesn’t replace the other, as a new study has just shown that it investigated whether cardboard coasters can make a good Frisbee. To do this, researchers (naturalistic German) from the Helmholtz Institute for Radiophysics and Nuclear Physics and the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Bonn built a ship throwing device and conducted a series of experiments designed to studyAero dynamics These mini cardboard discs are 10 cm in diameter.

The different forces that the disc is subjected to, with Z: angular momentum, θ: tilt angle and D: axis of rotation.

The beer coaster has been inverted making it unusable as a flying saucer

« You might expect the beer ship to fly the same way a frisbee does, with angular momentum pointing up or down causing the disc to stabilize., the researchers write in their study published in European Physical Journal Plus. Unfortunately, given the relatively low mass of the cardboard, the ship undergoes chaotic rotations around the axes of the disk. In addition, unlike Frisbee which has rounded edges and a coil center of gravity Near its center – preventing its capsizing early – the beer vessel undergoes its lift adjustment, not in the center of the disc, but slightly offset from the leading edge. ” This calls for the extension making it unusable as a Flying Layer ‘, the authors testify.

The researchers built & # xe0;  coasters to experimentally validate their theoretical calculations.  & # xa9;  Johann Ostmayer, European Physical Journal Plus, 2021

The researchers built a coaster launcher to experimentally validate their theoretical calculations. © Johann Ostmeyer, European Physical Journal Plus, 2021

Barely 0.45 seconds of stability

The researchers confirmed the result…

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