Maître Renard: the first microbrewery in Nord-du-Québec

Maître Renard, a small wine bar, enhances Chibougamau’s picnic offering.

We really see a breath of regional pride in the fact that we have our own beer. In addition, we use a lot of regional, non-timber forest products. These are all things that grow in the forest, but they are not necessarily exploitable on a large scale. , says co-contributor Nathaniel Byron. He cites, for example, Labrador tea, dune pepper, or some northern flower.

It really brings a local side to the beer, so people take great pride in it. We’re really feeling pretty crazy about the area , notice.

The model of Master Renard, who combines beer and wine, was born from the womb of this epidemic. Nathaniel Perron, a restaurateur, made an alliance with a friend who loves wine. From this alliance emerged a concept that should appeal to many.

Four products are offered by the micro-brewery founded by several Epicureans. The company is about to release a fifth beer, a red with Dune pepper and Labrador tea. Something that excites the mouths of enthusiasts, while the hot season excites thirst.

Maître Renard furniture is designed by Chantiers Chibougamau and its subsidiary Nordic, one of the largest in the region.

Nathaniel Perron points out that Maître Renard, named in reference to the famous Jean de La Fontaine legend, Le Corbeau et le Renard, would eventually want to join the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean beer route.

With information from Johani Bilodo

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