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Major, Biden’s boisterous dog, returns to school

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(Washington) Major, the troubled German Shepherd of Biden’s husband, is about to leave the White House again, this time, to pursue a course aimed at helping him do better in his job as a presidential dog.

France Media

Michael LaRosa, a spokesman for First Lady Jill Biden, said the major “will receive additional training to help him adjust to his life in the White House.”

He said the training should last a few weeks.

Adapting to the American presidential residence was not easy for the young and energetic German Shepherd, who was adopted from a shelter by Biden.

In March, he was briefly returned to the family home in the northeastern state of Delaware after at least one incident involving a bite inside the White House.

President Biden told ABC News that his four-legged companion had simply adopted a very protective stance in his always-crowded new environment.

Major had already received training to correct the situation by then, and it seemed insufficient.

Despite his departure, the White House will remain guarded: Champ, another German shepherd of the presidential couple, the elder and the wisest, will remain with his masters in Washington.

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