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Mamadi Camara receives the National Assembly Medal

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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It was Fiao’s deputy, Franz Benjamin, who gave him distinction for Emphasizing his civic sense and voluntary commitment to the youth of the Ali Organization, the princes and princesses of the street.According to a statement issued by the liberal MP.

At the end of January, Mr. Camara, a 31-year-old lab manager from Montreal’s École Polytechnique, was arrested by Agent Sanjay Vig, of the City Police Service (SPVM) for using his cell phone while driving.

After being given a ticket, Mister Fig returned to his car and was then punched in the back of his head. Shots were fired in his direction.

Mr. Camara was then arrested and spent six days in prison after he was charged, among other things, with trying to kill a police officer. Then the crown pulled the charges against him.

Since then, the SPVM has apologized to Mr. Camara.

At the end of March, Ali Negaruki, 21, was arrested in Toronto on charges of assaulting and disarming Constable Fig on January 28, which wrongly charged Mr. Camara.

Ali Najaruki was charged with attempted murder, gravely assaulting a police officer, attempting to disarm a peace officer, and firing a prohibited firearm.

He was also accused of stealing two vehicles.

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