Mandy Bogold, a boxer in the games for the second time

A total of four women and one man will fight in Japan. With Bogold (51 kg), Caroline Fair (57 kg), Myriam da Silva (69 kg) and Tamara Thibault (75 kg), Canada will have a representative in four of the five women’s categories at the Games.

Nova Scotian White Sanford, at 69 kg, will be the only male boxer to defend the red color of the maple leaf.

At the age of 33, Mandy Bogold suddenly became the first Canadian boxer to compete in two consecutive Olympics.

After all the months of waiting for this place, I can’t wait for my next performance at the Olympics., the first to captivate Bogold with a wide smile in an interview with Radio Canada Sports.

Bogold appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport against the IOC’s decision not to take into account the fact that she was on maternity leave during the main competitions that were chosen to determine the classification and the athletes who would qualify for Tokyo.

She admits that the deadline for the games is fast approaching, but is still skeptical when considering her goal.

Of course I was afraid. But I kept doing whatever it took to be ready. I knew there was no certainty. This is the first time I’ve taken such a step and I didn’t understand all the rules surrounding such a court and knew I had no control over everything.

Quote from:Mandy Bogold, Team Canada boxer

On the same day, the International Olympic Committee and the Tokyo Organizing Committee took a step back by allowing breastfeeding mothers to travel with their babies.

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It was the right thing to do. There are plenty of women who reach athletic heights and compete in the Olympics even after they have children, Bogold said. You should be willing to make small adjustments to make things easier for them.

Make room for exercise

Knowing that the Olympic boxing tournament is under the tutelage of the International Olympic Committee to replace the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), Bogold isn’t too concerned about being welcomed in Tokyo.

Hopefully we can put this behind us. I’ll be there like all the other boxers. I also hope they (the International Olympic Committee) see that the place I got is the place I deservedFranco-Ontario endorsed.

Thus, her class schedule of 51 kg will include 26 boxers instead of 25, which should not change much during the competition.

It doesn’t make a difference because in a tournament with less than 32 boxers, there will be passes in the first round draw. This can go to anyone.

Since she hadn’t been surrounded much in the past two years by pregnancy and the epidemic, she didn’t know much of her potential opponents other than the one or two she had already encountered. Yet it will be ready to weather the storm.

Three women from Quebec

The other four Canadian boxers qualified based on their world rankings based on their performance in competitions in 2018 and 2019, according to selection criteria set by the International Olympic Committee’s Boxing Working Group.

Tamara Thibault, from Shawinigan, said I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. I’m excited to be about to try this next step. I am on the verge of achieving my life’s dream and am so grateful for all the time and effort everyone put into this journey.

Champlain Miriam da Silva, a three-time Canadian champion in her weight class, won a silver medal at the Pan American Games in 2019.

Montrealer Caroline Veyre made her mark by winning gold at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015. I’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time. There is no greater achievement for an athleteShe said in an official statement to Boxing Canada.

Note that the categories Veyre (57 kg) and Da Silva (69 kg) are included in the Olympic program for the first time.

Two boxers compete ي

Christopher Guerrero (in blue) vs. White Sanford

Photo: Boxing Canada – Virgil Barrow

Finally, Wyatt Sanford, of Kennetcock, Nova Scotia, is the 2018 national champion. He also won the Olympic qualifying tournament held in Montreal in December 2019.

Boxing may be an individual sport, but it was the team and community surrounding each one of us that enabled us to achieve our goal and helped me secure my first ticket to the Olympics., said the person who also won the gold at Ringside Worlds in 2017.

Canada’s last Olympic boxing medals goes back to the 1996 Atlanta Games, when David Devagbon took the silver. The women will be looking to win the country’s first medal.

Boxing competitions are held over the course of the two Olympic weeks, from July 24 to August 8, at Kojukigan Stadium.

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