Marc-Andre Fleury does not want to go to Chicago

early this morning, Marc-Andre Fleury was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks. The Golden Knights agreed to receive little (or nothing) in return for Flower’s full salary.

What we learned is that the primary stakeholder learned of the transaction via Twitter. The knights had never contacted him before and the shock was great. Even his agent recognized him on Twitter.

When he heard the news it hit him like a ton of bricks. He thought he could stay in Vegas until the end of his contract (within a year) under Vézina.

But the club, which obviously likes Robin Lehner better, decided otherwise.

There were some rumors about his desire to play with the Hawks. After all, he was expecting to never leave Vegas and never want to uproot his kids again.

This is why, according to the athleteAnd Florey doesn’t want to play in Chicago. A source close to the guard was cited.

It is important to note that this has nothing to do with the organization. He doesn’t want to move to an unfamiliar place with his kids and he doesn’t seem to want to go alone for a year either.

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So he has three options. The first is to retire to stay in Vegas and leave some money on the table. The second is to go (alone or with family) to Chicago for a year.

The third is to order a deal in Pittsburgh.

There, the Florey couple do well and the children have standards. It would undoubtedly be an easier scenario for the entire Florey family.

according to the athleteThe Hawks’ goalkeeper thought he could stay in Vegas since the organization recently blocked a deal to send him to Pittsburgh to keep him in Nevada. The Penguin wanted him to support Tristan Gary, but apparently Vegas wouldn’t let him go.

It is said that Florey has no problem with Mike Sullivan, coach of the Penguins, and that the guys want to see him back in town.

Would the hawks want to send him there with his pay being withheld from the deal? It would be a dream for Florey under the current circumstances that the option to end her career in Vegas is no longer on the table.

The file that will follow, so… but we wish him to finish that in Pittsburgh.


Knights GM confirms that Flower wanted to stay put.

The knights would have kept the guard in place, but not in the end. July 12 is a bit dated.

The possibility of going to the Olympics is also on the table.

The impact of marketing is significant.

– unbelievable.

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