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Marchand believes that carbon neutrality in major projects should be demonstrated by science

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The mayor of Quebec believes that carbon neutrality in all major projects, including Link Three, must be proven by “science” and not achieved in just 100 years.

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Bruno Marchand responded to the report on Wednesday magazine, where we see that the trees planted to ensure carbon neutrality to fix the Turcotte exchange in Montreal are young shoots that will only do their job of capturing greenhouse gases in a hundred years or so.

The government is justifying its third linkage project by emphasizing that it will be carbon neutral, in particular thanks to the planting of tens of thousands of trees. When asked if this information makes him doubt the strategy adopted by the government to make the third linkage project greener, Mr Marchand first said: “That does not make me doubt”. But at the same time, he said, on all major projects, including the tram line and the third link, the immediate effects must be demonstrated to achieve carbon neutrality.

“The same goes for trams and major projects. When I have a request is that if we can prove to residents that we are carbon neutral. […]We should be able to back up our data with science. What we saw in the morning NewspaperThis makes us suspicious. So we have to be able to get the fire back and be able to prove that it really is a carbon neutral project. Not in 100 years. currently.”

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